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12:32:29 PM Jan 9th 2017
As much as I have issues with this trope, the examples are overflowing with excess negativity. Just as a heads up, I'm going to try a massive rewrite of most of the examples which removes the negative but retains the critique of the trope.
12:43:22 PM Jan 9th 2017
That's... a great idea. It really is wayyyyyyy too negative... and also way too heavy on the "this is totally 100% impossible guys normal people cannot do this."
05:02:14 AM Apr 18th 2014
The image and some of these examples don't really fit considering the description stipulates they have to have their backs twisted so that their breasts and buttocks are both visible, but several of the examples are just of the woman looking over her shoulder.
01:46:19 AM Jul 7th 2012
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