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03:59:17 PM Jan 12th 2013
"But they are much weaker than the SNES originals" Removed this remark regarding the Final Fantasy V superbosses. The battle scripts and raw stats were copied over and left untouched, so they're the same.
05:02:07 PM Jan 12th 2013
You didn't need to put this here. Any time you alter the trope, everyone who is watching it gets the announcement.
03:00:29 PM Jan 13th 2013
I wasn't sure, because sometimes people say they don't understand why their edit have disappeared and keep putting it back...
04:42:05 PM Jan 13th 2013
Fair enough. But when they are short like that, you can fit it in the edit reason box. If you need a paragraph, then it goes here. One thing you can do if you do need a paragraph is to put "check discussion page for details".
03:01:18 PM Jan 14th 2013
Thanks for the tips.
03:07:36 PM Jan 14th 2013
11:26:22 AM Jul 20th 2012
Optional Boss vs Superboss:

The article makes no distinction between boss fights that are simply optional and not part of the main story, and those legendary monsters that put even the regular Final Boss to shame. Even so, many gamers including myself consider those to be two distinct concepts. Should something be done about that?
08:41:08 AM May 15th 2014
I agree on this. The article itself seems to imply Superboss but I have seen many examples of Optional Boss as well.