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10:00:56 AM Nov 4th 2014
Does this trope requires someone to die? I mean, would it count as a Bond One-Liner to make a pun after a Non-Lethal K.O.?
10:52:10 AM Nov 4th 2014
I can't see any reason why it couldn't.
04:21:36 PM Oct 19th 2012
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Where does the last quote in the description ("Ouch.") come from?
07:20:13 AM Mar 4th 2012
Is the book in the page image an actual book? If so, where can I buy it?
06:50:27 AM Jun 7th 2012
I would totally buy it if that was an actual book. Sadly, it isn't.
04:09:44 AM Aug 31st 2011
This troper...I just come to know that the german translation of the giving quote from the 2008 Speed Racer film is quiet different in the german translation still just as awesome as the original. original: Pops: More like a non-ja. in the translated version he uses the word "nunja" which means ...well...yes, it mean "well" (not to be confused with the hole you can get water from)
06:44:05 AM Jul 1st 2010
Is there really a Bond one liner in every Bond movie? Couldn't find one in From Russia With Love.
09:14:28 AM Jul 8th 2010
Not necessarily. They were formulaic movies, but hopefully the writers weren't literally sitting around going "OK, that's the car chase, now where do we put the deadpan pun after he coldbloodedly kills a mook?"
05:31:45 AM Jan 8th 2011
There were a few in From Russia with Love. "She should have kept her mouth shut" after shooting the guy escaping through the billboard, and "She's had her kicks" after dispatching the woman trying to kick him to death.
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