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01:51:25 PM Oct 6th 2010
This page seems to be dominated by Pelloni and/or Pelloni's lickspittle, who much like the man himself, appear to have little tolerance for skepticism and criticism. Any ideas as to how this page can be opened up to dissenting opinions without leaning exclusively to that side?
03:09:54 AM Nov 23rd 2010
edited by Arutoa
It was a viral ad the whole time. Call me a member of his lickspittle if you want, it doesn't change the fact that Bob was reacting to those things in-character. The actual Bob couldn't care less (read some of his interviews, Bob's Game is mostly something he just does for fun). And I have been trying to clean up the page so that it simply wouldn't have an opinion after it was griefed completely to have everything pretty much say "Bob sucks" and everything remotely positive have "lol, stop editing this page, Bob" on it. Actually, I'm pretty sure (I'm REALLY sorry if I'm wrong) it was you that put that there. As you could've seen from the edit history (it automatically deletes old stuff, apparently), I did all the cleaning up, and attempted to make it simply state the facts: Viral!Bob and Real!Bob aren't the same person. I strongly support we just ask a mod to lock the page the way it is until it's finished/the next demo is released, since at the moment all there is that's left for it is edit wars.
02:51:40 PM Jan 11th 2011
I'll admit I was responsible for a lot of the negative stuff, albeit not all of it. Just because the "viral Bob" is a character doesn't mean that the "real Bob" should be free from criticism, as he is essentially a huge (and scarily dedicated) troll of debatable mental health. I haven't looked at the latest edits to the page, but I think the fairest compromise would be to create a page that expresses both the positive and negative viewpoints toward Bob and the Bob's Game fiasco. I'd say the page should be made objective, but when the topic is so drenched in deliberate irony, ambiguity and toying with people's perceptions of the truth, that would be pretty difficult.
07:47:53 AM Jul 16th 2010
edited by Arutoa
  • It's also worth mentioning that Bob will visit any website he is aware of that discusses his game to excitedly spread the word about what an awesome guy he is and how dumb his critics are. Hi, Bob.

It was I who put the thing that he was accusing of being posted by Bob. I posted it before I had an account here. And for the last time, it was a freaking viral ad. Before this was revealed the Hatedom was justified. Now most of it seems to be Hate Dumb. It's probably just a Vocal Minority, but I'm sick of seeing people bash Bob and use the viral ad as evidence.

Also Removed:

  • That may be entirely accurate, considering the real Bob's attitude toward game design, Nintendo, and critics.
    • (facepalms) The REAL Robert doesn't believe any of the stuff he said. He's actually a pretty nice guy, have you been on the forums? The few times that he wasn't saying "what will happen?!", he's been pretty nice. Woah, repetitive.

It's natter anyway.

ALSO (not removed):

  • Only Bob truly believes he is one of these. Just about everyone else with a lick of common sense had him pegged as an attention-seeking nut with far too much time on his hands long before his supposed reveal.

  • Small Name, Big Ego: The real-life Robert Pelloni is one of the most astonishing examples, EVER. He is either an unstable, attention-seeking douchebag who honestly believes he has created the greatest video game ever made and that multi-national game companies should be groveling at his feet for a chance to publish this amazing game he won't let them play (because "they might steal his ideas"), or he is an Andy Kaufman/Sacha Baron Cohen wannabe who thinks that pulling a bunch of attention-grabbing stunts and then telling people how stupid and gullible they are for paying attention to him makes him clever and funny - in other words, an unstable, attention-seeking douchebag. The reality is probably a combination of both.

This is just ridiculous. Did you even see the part where he said "THIS IS A VIRAL AD, I DON'T MEAN ANY OF THIS SHIT" (paraphrased)? And if you did, did you do the research? He once said that the point of it was to make you hate Bob the character. Rather than removing this from the main article and likely causing an Edit War, I just stated a few facts about it under it. But, between the above and this, I do think it's pretty clear that part of the Hate Dumb is editing this page. Would it be fair to just edit it a bit so that it has more facts and less of this, and request a lock?

Also, I am not Bob. Note my join date, amount of posts, etc.

Edit: I removed the blatantly untrue things.
11:18:14 AM Oct 6th 2010
edited by ikari911
The whole supposed "viral ad" shtick falls under the second possible category given under the Small Name, Big Ego.
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