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09:51:48 AM May 19th 2016
Blond Guys Are Evil and Blondes Are Evil are being disambiguated per TRS thread.
04:42:56 PM Oct 28th 2013
  • Applied lightly in the film Made of Honor, where the dark-haired (and American) Tom wins the girl and the Scottish blond Colin loses her. We say applied lightly because Colin is portrayed as quite a nice guy aside from not being very good at sharing cake.

Pulling this, because while it's definitely a romance trope, the trope description requires a blond bad guy/jerk.
05:58:38 PM Mar 26th 2013
What's the purpose of Blondes are Evil if we already have this page? I think we should just merge them, this is an issue of hair color, not gender.
07:24:52 AM Jul 27th 2013
I agree. At most Blomdes Are Evil could be split on the page into male examples and female examples, but, other than that, they're essentially the same trope.
01:27:20 AM Oct 22nd 2012
Should Ashley Wilkes from "Gone With the Wind" really be included? He's practically the opposite of "evil" - he's a lot more naive and idealistic than most of the characters in the book.
06:22:49 PM May 18th 2012
I'm kind of surprised no one added Draco Malfoy as an example.
05:26:49 PM Mar 22nd 2013
Because he's not really "evil". He's just a petty little brat when he's not being The Woobie later on.
12:53:25 AM Jan 3rd 2012
edited by kundoo
Does just any bad guy who happened to be blond count? Or should his blondness distinguish him from the cast? Like Star Wars example - yes, Dart Vader is (was) blond, but both Luke and Obi-Wan are blonds too. Does this and other examples, where there's non-evil blonds in the cast, belong here?

11:10:58 AM Jan 9th 2012
That'll be bad. Don't add examples like that.
05:38:26 PM Jun 3rd 2011
Under Literature, might I suggest Katherine Kurtz's Alaric Morgan (of her Deryni novels/short stories) subverts this trope? The interesting bit is that he's not above playing up his sinister reputation at times, finding it a useful tool for protecting himself and intimidating others; not that one can blame him for this, as he's a member of feared and persecuted minority whose wealth and political power are still more reasons he arouses jealousy and hatred in others.
02:22:54 PM Jan 28th 2011
Am I the only one who thinks the "blond" guy in the picture doesn't really look blond? Maybe it's the lighting.
02:51:41 AM Apr 3rd 2011
Yup, I can't really tell if he's blond, the pic doesn't make him seem very evil either.
06:55:57 AM Oct 16th 2011
Frankly, it seems a bit Just a Face and a Caption to me - not very enlightening, and he doesn't look AWFULLY evil. The text box even makes it more uncertain, as opposed to less.

D'you think it should be changed?
05:31:21 AM Feb 26th 2015
I think we could choose a more appropriate picture. In this one the blond hair is less important than the sharp teeth and maniacal expression is communicating the guy's evil-ness.
05:34:31 AM Feb 26th 2015
edited by Niall142
How about Karl from Die Hard?
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