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11:48:01 AM Mar 6th 2010
Kraas - Could we get a page image that has a character who's actually wearing some War-Bling? Like medals or something?
11:58:02 AM Mar 6th 2010
Read the description, not the title.

12:05:43 PM Mar 6th 2010
Then again, I added a line in the description to make that clear.
03:23:39 PM Mar 7th 2010
The title implies (to me at least) a military uniform. The outfit in the page image just looks like normal clothes, but I haven't played FFVIII, maybe that really is her uniform. Sorry for being anal, this just sort of bugged me.
03:32:55 PM Mar 7th 2010
That is their uniforms. It's mentioned in the examples.
04:12:25 PM Mar 9th 2010
I think when you have to explain she's supposed to be a soldier in the caption, it's a bad example pic to use. Hence, Horus, who apparently has the same attitude to armour design as the average magpie.
07:18:26 PM Mar 9th 2010
I admit the picture could be more obvious, but that other picture is no better. I took it down.

Showing someone in a clear dressy uniform, and clearly in combat, would be best.
08:17:06 PM Mar 9th 2010
edited by Evilest_Tim
He's clearly military (the space marine uniform isn't exactly non-distinctive, and the page even specifically includes powered armour as a possible recepiant of Bling of War) and has so much bling it hurts. There's even comments further down the page as to what a perfect image it is. Unless you can come up with some concrete reason for it being bad, I'm keeping.
12:52:40 AM Mar 10th 2010
The caption makes reference to the guy on the ground, but the focus is on the guy standing, which looks more like Scary Impractical Armor than this trope. Nor is there any clear combat, just that someone is at someone's feet.

Yes, powered armor is allowed, but the illustration should show something familiar.
01:49:49 AM Mar 10th 2010
edited by Evilest_Tim
Um...The guy is carrying a mace with a good guy lying in a heap at his feet. It's pretty damn obvious this is not a friendly chat going on here. Also, considering your image was someone sitting in a chair with a gunsight in front of them, having someone actually dead in the frame is a big step up. About 50% of Horus' adornments fit firmly into the 'bling' category (ridiculous use of gold, huge eye insignia, and wearing several bears) and he gets bonus points for that boy racer lighting that makes it look like his head's stuck in a fireplace. He's only missing a huge cloak and pimp hat.
02:00:57 AM Mar 10th 2010
I'm not denying that wasn't the best picture. But just there isn't a feeling of war or combat here. The point of the trope isn't that such stuff makes you lose. It's people wearing fancy uniforms in combat. We aren't seeing that here. Find a picture where we see actual combat.
03:04:39 AM Mar 10th 2010
edited by Evilest_Tim
Erm...That is actual combat. He's just killed the guy lying in front of him. Either *you* find a picture better than that one, or we keep that one. It's got most of the elements (military + bling), and I really think you're splitting hairs with the whole "combat" aspect anyway. The actual picture is of the final battle of the Horus Heresy; I cut the Emperor (off to the right) out of shot because while he's wearing a fantastically tasteless gold ensemble, if you include the whole image you have to shrink it to the point you can't actually see anything.

Also, the point of the caption wasn't that it made you lose, either.
03:57:46 PM Mar 10th 2010
edited by DragonQuestZ
"Erm...That is actual combat. He's just killed the guy lying in front of him."

Then the combat is over. And it could just mean people in a duel or contest where the other lost, and the trope does not cover that. So the picture needs to show a clear battle.

But I'll put this on the forums shortly, and see if anyone can find a suitable picture.
04:19:38 PM Mar 10th 2010
06:16:37 AM Mar 18th 2010
edited by Khathi
Then, if the dead Sanguinius just doesn't ring the bell for you, why not just put the Emprah there? He's tacky, he's blingy, he's sufficiently martial — he holds the frakkin' FLAMING SWORD there — what's not a Bling of War there?
04:47:51 PM Mar 18th 2010
Suggest that in the thread I linked to, and see if others like it.