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10:59:49 AM Mar 1st 2011
Hi, sorry to post as a stranger, I'm a bit new here.

I want to make a brief mention of this page in a research paper (don't worry, I'm not treating it as a secondary source) I just want to check if you guys would agree that weapons in the Final Fantasy series are an example of Bling Bling Bang? You don't have the material side of it going on so much, but you do get weapons looking more 'impossibly cool' the more powerful they are. So, are they 'Bling Bling Bang' or are they 'impossibly cool' weapons?
12:04:39 AM Sep 7th 2010
"■In between, it can hit on using your enemies' corpses as decoration."

...gods, the first time I read that I missed the word "using"...and naturally, failed to get to "as decoration".