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10:24:31 PM Jul 14th 2011
Natter dropped from Bleach. Assuming the later natter is right and this is off-topic. If it is useful, see Example Indentation before moving this back: these are no sub-examples and so don't need double stars. We do not break up examples by editor.

  • Interestingly enough, when Tosen's Resurrecion allows him to see Komamura, he remarks that he looks uglier than he had expected. Even blind people can judge by appearances.
  • Since he was fighting him, he was probably just being a Jerk Ass.
10:21:28 PM Jul 14th 2011
edited by Camacan
Examples need details. Please see How to Write an Example when moving these back to Main. Work titles are given in italics.

06:49:08 PM Aug 15th 2012
Toph isn't an example, anyway. She knows who Iroh is, and his appearance isn't particularly striking— he just looks like an old man. Basically, they have an unconventional friendship and she happens to be blind.
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