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10:38:39 PM Apr 22nd 2013
"In Batman The Animated Series, when Bruce Wayne was trapped by the Mad Hatter in a Lotus-Eater Machine, one of his first clues something was wrong with the perfect world was that all the books were unreadable."

Subversion present: Some of the books have text, but it's completely whacked out.
01:06:03 PM Apr 2nd 2011
Is one of the reasons a subtrope of Lazy Artist?
01:21:52 PM Apr 2nd 2011
It's usually done intentionally, so not a lazy artist. However, it might be worth mentioning on the main page, though I'm not sure whether both should be lumped.
01:33:04 AM May 25th 2015
Probably shouldn't be since they're very different things in their natures.

But the subtrope of Lazy Artist should definitely be indicated — at least by a mention, if not by an actual trope.
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