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07:00:25 AM Jul 4th 2013
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Interesting that politics in Thailand (Jul '13) has degenerated into two factions using shirt colour as a recognition device: the Red Shirts and the Yellow Shirts. The Reds appear to be Republican and want one named bloke as President: the Yellows are die-hard monarchists who don't. Shame we can't use Real Life examples here - no extremism appears to be involved, just differences of constitutional opinion.
07:53:15 PM Sep 19th 2012
I have a question:

Can a Black Shirt be genre savvy, lawful good and a necessary evil anti-villian?

The reason I ask is that in a story I am writing, set in modern alternate history, there's a character that I want to be as heroic as possible, while having as many villainous bents. She also uses TV Tropes a lot, because she understands This Will End Badly. Essentially her story revolves around the notion of 'What is good?' and 'How to be good?'

It's easy enough to imagine a Black Shirt that believes what they will do when the day comes must be done, to facilitate a world with no place for them. Hell I think the Operative from Firefly was this. But what about taking it up a notch? Because they are actually Lawful Good by bent, just believing in not being played for a fool, what if instead of longing around and complaining about the decadent order, they are trying to shape up that order so that them being a Black shirt becomes unnecessary? And then take it up another notch: the Black Shirt believes the decadence that will turn the Federation into the Empire is because the Federation is not living up to their ideals, which will work if actually followed. So instead of trying to reform by making the place more Fascistic, she trues to advocate good government policies reducing fiscal waste, creating jobs and trying to be a responsible citizen in the Federation, to avoid needing to become a Black Shirt in the Empire?

Are we talking about a Necessary Evil Black Shirt, a Knight in Sour Armor, Pragmatic Heroism or something else all together?
03:03:58 AM Jul 23rd 2012
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Since the definition of Black Shirt is evil minions, it violates TV Trope's ban of calling a real person evil or bad. Thus i will (may) remove it.
03:06:05 AM Aug 1st 2013
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That seemed a little premature. Why should it have been removed when the Trope Namer is real.
10:31:51 AM Oct 8th 2011
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Hmm... the Tea Party? Basically a bunch of people who as individuals would articulate half-formed prejudices but who were ineffectual until they were given a hate-figure (Obama) who encapsulates all their fears and prejudices, together with the guidance, leadership and funding from the Dark Side that enables them to get together as the thick stormtroopers of the American Right.... somebody, or bodies, are leading and directing their stormtroopers...
01:05:10 PM Jun 20th 2013
Your character is a Main Character, rather than a faceless mook minion. She is a high ranking officer among the Black-shirt organization. The trope Black Shirt is about minions NOT Main Characters. People in the Story would call ALL members of the Black-shirt organization Black-shirts.

Punctuation is your friend: Black Shirt = trope = minions; Black-shirt = all members including the high ranks.
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