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08:07:26 PM Feb 8th 2011
So Kalalong considers the Seven Guns the Justice League,eh?

I was wondering if they were more like the protagonists of Watchmen:

John Horus -Ozymandias

Tom Noir - Dr. Manhattan

Angel One -Silk Spectre

Kathryn Artemis - Rorschach

Zoe Jump - Nite Owl

Laura Torch - Comedian

Don't know who Dominic Atlas Hyde could be (Captain Metropolis,perhaps?), but feel free to come up with any alternate interpretations.
08:41:23 PM Feb 8th 2011
edited by Kalaong
I was going by powers. Personalities? Perhaps. John wants to save the world at all costs, Tom is in a funk, Angel is kinda focused on being awesome and sexy, Kathy is pretty much Rorschach with tits, and Zoe is pretty obsessed with the gosh-wow of her powers.

But Laura was so freaked out over the technology she got her lover to bury her gun with her so no one else could use it, and also got him to put a uber-powerful self destruct on it. The Comedian was a card-carrying sociopath.

DAH is more like him, especially in his government shilling and egotism.
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