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05:04:00 PM Jun 2nd 2012
I feel like The Dark Knight should be mentioned here.
01:30:03 PM Nov 26th 2010
I don't agree with some of the attempts made here to base the Black Knight in Real Life history. Paint does protect armour from rusting, but for that is hasn't necessarily to be black. And it is not too difficult to get out of or into pre-1400 armour by yourself. I propose that these two points get deleted from the trope's description. (Or backed by convincing sources.)
09:40:34 PM Sep 21st 2010
Man, why is it so hard to get this right?! I've looked at the other tropes as examples, but I still can't get it to work right.

I want it to say "exactly what it says" which leads to the exactly what it says on the tin trope, and then say "on the tin" which would lead to the incredily lame pun trope, but every time I try to edit it into a way in which it would, it always creates different fields and shows the name of the tropes it leads to and all this other shit.

Can someone show me how it's done?
06:14:45 AM Aug 23rd 2010
Would the Men in Black be the new Black Knight? Just a thought, they are intimidating for the same reasons, including their choice of attire making them harder to identify or distinguish from other groups while they wander about on their missions. We associate them both with secretive or de-individualized government organizations or with possibly less scrupulous organizations like assassins or Mafiosos, or even worse, Corrupt Corporate Executives.

Just a thought to kick around.
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