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08:03:23 AM Sep 1st 2017
Does the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend example belong here? Darryl's sexuality is a big deal. He has a dramatic coming out arc and even sings a coming out song.
03:04:08 AM Jun 23rd 2017
Why was the Yuri!!! on Ice entry with Yuuri Katsuki erased?
08:35:00 PM Sep 19th 2015
edited by DemonDuckofDoom
Hey, I'm a new guy. I wanted to see if my Katniss Everdeen writeup fit here or in Ambiguously Bi. I'm ubsure as to where to draw the line.
01:50:59 AM Sep 20th 2015
Might want to ask here.
09:44:05 AM Oct 13th 2016
What. As far as i remember both Gale and Peeta were guys, and she wasn't ever interested in anyone else?
04:26:46 PM Nov 19th 2013
When a gay character is this what's it called?
02:04:20 AM Nov 20th 2013
They might be a Straight Gay, although that isn't a direct quivalent.
10:58:24 AM Aug 4th 2012
Why no real life examples?
11:46:28 AM Mar 23rd 2013
I agree. It's not like we're insulting them, just saying they're bisexual.
02:09:03 PM Mar 23rd 2013
In real life, Bi the Way is the case for, well, nearly every bisexual out there. It's a sexuality and not necessarily played for drama and a big deal or whatever as it is in fiction (which is why times when it's just incidental are notable). Real people are non-examples.
12:31:46 PM Apr 13th 2012
At the risk of starting an Edit War, since some people feel really strongly about this subject...

  • Kaidan Alenko and Ashley Williams were originally intended to be romanced by either male or female Shepard, but this was removed at the last minute. Most of it still exists in the coding, however, and almost the entire romance can still be found and reconstructed, as apparent here. (Note that Shepard seems to lose a few pounds when things heat up...)

This is a really persistent myth that simply isn't true. One of the writers of Mass Effect stated here (yes, that has been confirmed as his account) that the reason why romantic dialogue exists for both genders is because it was faster for both voice actors to record everything, whether the dialogue would actually trigger in-game or not.

Notice how in the linked video one of the characters calls the other a woman, despite clearly not being the case? That's because it's a modded savefile, to trigger with a male character the dialogue meant for a female character, not because it was an actual romance created for that situation.

The more you know.
11:09:29 AM Mar 27th 2011
The cut, while it's misguided, does raise an interesting issue - this seems quite hypocritical with two entries on this discussion page and three on the old one, but does anyone else think this is a bit People Sit on Chairs? I mean, even Straight Gay and Lipstick Lesbian serve a particular rhetorical need, with the backlash to older stereotypes and the "more Irish than the Irish themselves" counter-backlash (...yes, that is a word), but this is essentially any bisexual character who doesn't act like Catherine Tramell or Jack Harkness, and it's often used even less narrowly than that. It seems like just a repository of Tropers' bisexual validation after No Bisexuals started to get sick of simple aversions. Granted, with over a thousand wicks, it seems harsh to remove it, but...
04:46:11 PM Mar 27th 2011
Maybe we could move all the simple aversions of No Bisexuals here? We're not supposed to list aversions, so if we have a trope that is the exact inverse of another trope, that trope can take the other trope's aversions.
06:49:47 PM Mar 26th 2011
I take it that we haven't solved The Problem with Pen Island yet.
10:46:43 PM Mar 26th 2011
Yeah, Bithe Way isn't a typo of Bi the Way - it's just the Wiki Words do their thing whether it is properbly capitalized or not. Bit Hew Ay, Bith Ew Ay, Bi the Way.
12:19:57 PM Aug 9th 2010
Okay, this trope is about being bisexual and that's about it, yes? So why do I keep seeing people make examples of this when their bisexuality ends up being a big deal/plot point?
11:00:37 AM Aug 4th 2012
It's about a person's bisexuality not being a stereotype.
07:55:05 PM Aug 4th 2010
Due to his notorious waffling, I don't think David Bowie belongs here.
04:22:09 PM Jul 31st 2010

First off, the idea of this being an "inversion" doesn't even make sense. And even if it were, we already have No Bisexuals for that.
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