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02:36:26 PM Aug 25th 2010
The site appears to be down.
02:28:28 PM Mar 8th 2011
This is Al Bruno III aka Ab3.

That site is down.

I keep the stories on my blog now...
08:26:55 PM Jun 22nd 2011
And at the risk of being crass I would also like to mention that there are gaming stories and other misadventures in my prose biography PRICE BREAKS AND HEARTACHES...

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01:35:42 PM Jan 2nd 2012
And now I'll just pop in here to mention that the biographical PRICE BREAKS AND HEARTACHES has just reached the point of my life where I got back into gaming... the prose version of THE CREEP ON THE BORDERLANDS isn't nearly as over the top as the 'rant' version but you might find it interesting
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