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03:58:58 PM Apr 15th 2011
I had thought about adding an entry for 'Totally Radical', but I reneged for two reasons: 1) They weren't trying nearly so hard as "Beakman's World", and 2) I didn't know what to call that thing editors do where they loop the same fraction-of-a-second of footage over and over before continuing, like "SCI-SCI-SCI-SCI-SCIENCE!". Does that have a name?
11:56:23 PM Mar 6th 2011
I remember one time I was talking with another guy, and he once said that the theme song to Bill Nye The Science Guy was the best song to strip to (specifically, the repeating "Bill! Bill! Bill!...")

I have no idea how this subject came up, but it was at Space Camp.
07:46:17 PM Oct 10th 2010
I. Love. This. Show.
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