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10:57:38 AM Dec 17th 2010
You know, I'm sure the tropes defending him here serve as partisan flamebait to your average dittohead or Gingrichite. We have tropes critical of his Hate Dom, I know an article's subject is supposed to be NPOV and slightly positive-leaning, but it's not supposed to be strictly a fansite for that person, and it's not in several articles. Just because I care about NPOV doesn't mean I'm pushing an agenda.
11:01:32 AM Dec 17th 2010
edited by SchizoTechnician
I know you have nothing but good intentions- its just that we need to avoid Justifying Edit bait and Flame Bait at all costs. Moreover, saying he's a Corrupt Hick isn't an attack on Bill Clinton as a politician, but as a person. I think there's a distinction between criticizing a person's actions and statements, and criticizing the person's self. In my opinion, the best way to keep objective is to have limited troping of the former for politicians and other real persons, but avoid the latter like the plague. I thank you for deleting the fat bastard from the Glenn Beck page; while it is acceptable to comment on his percieved weight, and how he himself jokes about it, calling him a "bastard" goes too far, as it comments on his personality rather than his politics and jokes.
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