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05:24:43 AM Apr 23rd 2012
Okay, this page is a mess - not just through the examples, but every single international version is mashed up with the other ones. We need to seperate it so it makes sense, and then I think the actual entries need cleaning up.

Anybody willing to help with that, or at the very least do it?
01:27:37 PM Nov 17th 2011
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Will Kirby in US Season 2, Maggie Ausburn in US Season 6, Mike "Boogie" Malin in US Season 7 (All Stars) and "Evil" Dick Donato in US Season 8, Adam Jasinski in US Season 9 (he used his prize money to start a drug ring).
Can I remove that? It appears to just be bile.
05:26:17 AM Apr 23rd 2012
If they were portrayed as the villain, or at the very least Anti-Villain, during the show's airing, then keep it there. If not, remove it.
03:23:58 AM May 30th 2011
I would suggest that the Elimination Houdini is not subjective in reference to the Australian entry: "Camilla from Season 6 in Australia- she was up for eviction ten out of thirteen possible times. She survived all of them and ended up taking second." Statistically, she was an Elimination Houdini. Is there a better trope to decscribe this phenomenon?
06:49:02 PM Sep 1st 2011
IMO, I think that's a really good example of what an "Elimination Houdini" really is. There's a pretty good chance they can be eliminated, yet they seem to escape it because they're up against someone the public doesn't like more or who's a bigger threat. What's subjective is that they seem to imply that the Elimination Houdini is bad at the game or has no talent.
06:56:33 PM Sep 1st 2011
I don't get why EH is a YMMV trope. If you're up for eviction a lot and manage to stay, that's a fact, how is it subjective?
09:07:44 PM Sep 1st 2011
Of course. If people target you, but you get out of it, then you escaped it. Or if you keep going on and on when the odds are against you.