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04:49:28 AM May 21st 2016
edited by BohemianBob43
Question: Would the news team brawls from the Anchorman movies count as this?
01:42:44 PM Sep 14th 2010
Re: Cut:

No, this is not a duplicate of The War Sequence, at least not as that latter stands.

The War Sequence is a videogame-specific trope as currently written, and seems to allow for three-man armies. This is general, and implies a major fight with major forces on both sides.

Not sure what should be done, but we need to think this one over.
03:28:49 AM Sep 15th 2010
I think these are sufficiently distinct from one another.
04:47:04 PM Sep 30th 2010
I like turtles
09:03:20 AM Jan 28th 2011
why do people seem to think that this is a page for ANY battle sequence? Ok, helms deep mabey, at a streach, is worthy of this page. But EVERY BATTLE IN PIRETS OF THE CARRIBIAN!? wat!? dispite every one being just two gallions side by side. I mean, come on people. This is suppose to be the page for battles that make other battles look like schoolyard scuffles, not just normal battles, and certanly not skirmishes or 50 aside fights! come on guys, theres some editing to do here.
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