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07:15:11 PM Nov 5th 2016
I google up "duumvirate" and the Big Bad Duumvirate page is first up. Huh. Suggesting no one really uses that word in real life...
01:23:21 AM Nov 6th 2016
Really? For me it's the tenth result, coming after wikipedia, several dictionaries, and a youtube video explaining how to pronounce it.
05:53:06 AM Mar 14th 2012

Shendu is the Man Behind the Man to Valmont; Valmont is following Shendu's Evil Plan and orders and being manipulated by him, the opposite is not true.
03:26:38 AM Apr 20th 2010
From YKTTW Working Title: Big Bad Diumvirate

Is it too late to change the title to Big Bad Duumvirate?

Susan Davis: Seconded.

Thirded. "Diumvirate" isn't even a word.

Johnny E: since this is essentially a spelling mistake, I'm just going to change it.
03:28:41 AM Apr 20th 2010
The old wicks should be changed, which I had to do, the misspelling should be put up for cutting, which someone else did, and the discussion and YKTTW link should be moved over, which I had to do.
07:50:21 PM May 22nd 2010
edited by MacPhisto
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