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12:41:23 AM Feb 6th 2017
"Yes, this has happened in real life; we don't need the examples, please"

This is always annoying to me. You don't /need/ any examples. Real Life is always the most interesting category for me. You obviously know some examples; if you're not willing to write them down here, at least tell me where I can find some of them. What do I google, "innocent holding murder weapon"? This page is the first result and seems to be the only one relevant to what I'm looking for. I'm not arguing for it to be changed or anything, I'm just ranting. Nobody reads these things, anyway.
04:05:00 PM Feb 6th 2017
There would be problems in figuring true examples and those which are people lying to to get away with a something
11:30:35 PM Dec 10th 2011
Would 12 Angry Men make it in here? I mean, for [expletive]'s sake, did nobody check the knife for fingerprints? Was keeping it in a safe location beyond them?
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