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11:16:22 PM Apr 2nd 2014
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Cards on the table, people. Why do we adults always refer to high school days as the best days of our life?

Take a look at yourself: you work from sunrise to sunset, you struggle to let your wage last the month, your agenda is dictated by your numerous responsibilities, and the little free time you have to do what you like is forcefully wasted to visit family and friends, when your mind is clearly drifting to your interests in La La Land.

And as a high schooler? Your responsibilities, that is, school, took only half of the day. You had the other half to go out with your friends, dunk in games, stay hours in the yard doing hoops. Your parents paid for your clothes, your food, your computer and your internet, your everything. You had free time to be happy and so little responsibilities that never got in the way.

Which is to say, the Best Days of your Life were when maintaining your life wasn't your problem. Now it is, and you don't have the free time to enjoy anything anymore.

To end, here's a small test. Do you constantly wonder why there's so many people roaming the streets, mingling and enjoying themselves on odd hours, like 11AM or 2PM, when they should be struggling against piles of work building up just to =stay= employed, like you do? Congratulations, this trope is your life summarized.
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