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12:34:59 PM Feb 8th 2011
I think we're talking about more than one thing here. There's the literal phenomenon of an origin story being thought of later, a retroactive attempt at flanderization of a trait that would otherwise lessen over time (naivete, etc), and a fleshing out of a character in a way that shows a lack of intention from the beginning.
12:23:42 PM Jun 18th 2013
I agree, it's kinda confusing, what's the trope about? I thought it was about giving a backstory in a later issue/series, and retroactively, as you say, but the page seems to imply a shift in characterization for a character who becomes an Ascended Extra and that becomes their set mode. The examples seem to favor the former.
08:33:48 PM Jul 4th 2017
Can someone address this problem? I think this page needs a renovation.
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