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01:02:02 AM Mar 30th 2011
edited by Camacan
This example has too many problems to list. Firstly the movie is intentionally open-ended: we have to speculate to complete our picture of the aliens. That's just natter bait. Secondly: there's no evidence for a queen Prawn. This isn't just insect-like people but Bee People. All our info on a command-form Prawn comes from the idea Christopher is one. If he is, he doesn't seem to fill the role well — if anything there's a suggestion that there's a whole separate "command species" — but again it's all speculative and different, equally valid, guesses can be made.

  • The aliens of District 9 are implied to be worker drones who lost their "queen bee" commanders. One interpretation is that it is this lack that causes them to lack direction and initiative. Well — lacking direction outside the areas of reproduction and cat food.

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