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06:48:20 AM Mar 21st 2013
Does anybody have a better quality version of the page image? It's too blurry, it makes the page look kind of clunky.
07:46:17 AM Mar 21st 2013
... I honestly don't like the image. Just looks like an Evil Costume Switch.
04:49:32 PM Jun 29th 2012
edited by PaulA
  • In My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, a theory among the fandom is that whenever a character fails to use their talent for cuteness, their personality is somehow reversed.

I read this, and what it appears to be saying is "Fans have a theory that this trope could happen in MLP". So it's (a) ambiguously worded, and (b) incomplete.

If it's saying "This trope could happen in MLP, but it hasn't actually yet", then it's not an example. Only examples that have actually happened are useful.

If it's saying "This trope has actually happened in MLP, and fans have a theory about why", then (a) to be a useful example, it should be specific about when it happened, to whom, and what their thesis and antithesis were; (b) the bit about the fan theory isn't really relevant, and is only confusing the issue.
12:27:33 AM Jun 30th 2012
edited by Telcontar
I agree with pulling that one; it looks like a fan theory with no backup that may or may be shown in the future.
04:56:18 AM Jul 3rd 2012
I fixed the example. Thanks for the guidelines, it is much better now.
06:53:30 AM Jun 28th 2012
I made a typo. When it will have been checked, I will change the namesake if no one else does.
06:47:05 AM Jun 28th 2012
The article launched from the YKTTW : it can be found here .
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