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01:04:04 PM Jul 3rd 2013
I've edited the description of this trope, mostly for grammar and clarity. I also made the addition of the second line to the opening paragraph, because the previous version didn't explain what this trope is actually about. I'm assuming based on the Trope Namer that this trope refers to a conquering empire adding a conquered nation's forces to its own. That said, I have some problems with some of the groups mentioned:

  • Engineers of doom: I'm not sure why the description says they don't rebel, because I've never noticed this pattern myself. In general, I think it would probably be best if the explanation of each group included an explanation of reasons they might rebel.
  • Sneaky mercs: Are these mercenaries or criminals added to an army? I'm also unsure about the last sentence, which originally referred to an "egotistical complex".
  • Dogmatic drones: Do these count as battle thralls? Assuming my definition of this trope is correct, they don't really seem to fit, since they were created by the conquering empire instead of being conquered by them.
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