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08:04:31 AM Jan 4th 2013
I removed the following because it is wrong. Gordon Freeman is wearing his helmet in Half-life. I don't know where the rumor that he isn't came from, (probably from the box art) but in the original versus game you had to specifically chose "helmet-less Gordon" to play without the helmet, regular Gordon was fully encased. Also, the HUD on the screen is explicitly from his helmet (hence you don't get the HUD until he puts it on.)

  • HEV Suits in the Half-Life series do come with helmets, but Gordon Freeman is never seen wearing one. Even when teleporting to Xen (thought to be within a nebula, near a gas giant, Another Dimension or even the space between dimensions) he doesn't wear one and has no problems breathing, plus the frequent toxic spills and horrifically radioactive waste he encounters. Parodied mercilessly in Freeman's Mind, with Gordon constantly complaining about his missing helmet.
06:41:32 PM Mar 10th 2011
" In Treasure Planet, everyone can breathe in space. No explanation; they just... can. Chalk it up to Rule Of Cool, since the whole movie treats space literally like an ocean." "Space is called "The Aetherium". And there's all sorts of spaceborne organisms, like Space Whales. "

That said... If a ship was somehow carrying around 1G in a deckwards direction, wouldn't it also carry around 1 atmosphere on top of itself? That way they need only carry about equipment to recycle said atmosphere. Also it would be carrying the ozone etc. in order to keep those pesky cosmic rays off. I think they overexplained this one.
07:23:20 PM Feb 7th 2011
edited by Camacan
Not an example. As the natter notes, in Homestuck's Medium all bets are off with respect to any and all rules of reality.

  • In Homestuck, both the Authority Regulator and John can hop between asteroids without space gear. Also, Grandpa's space battleship appears open-topped.
    • They aren't in a normal space, though: They're in the Medium. Apparently, in addition to having a breathable atmosphere, it also averts Space Is Cold.

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