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11:28:07 AM Dec 10th 2010
Near the end of the game, when Bats enters the Visitor Center, is an example of Shell Shock Silence.
02:52:07 PM Dec 10th 2010
So go ahead and add it to the page - no need to post a discussion on it, unless something's come up I don't know about...
01:21:40 PM Dec 15th 2010
Thanks. New to the site.
04:50:06 PM Dec 15th 2010
You generally only have to discuss if: - edits are being undone and redone - some kind of overhaul is in the works - your editing/deleting someone else's work and you want to make it clear why (sometimes the edit reasons don't show) - You have a question
07:44:24 PM Aug 18th 2010
edited by AlmightyHamSandwich
We're going to need to split up tropes for the original game and the sequel now that we have some concrete, official information to go off of. And the Fandom Rejoiced, for one, needs to reflect the general feeling of fans after it was revealed the Arkham concept was being expanded into a freakin' city. We could also begin to put down some tropes relevant to Catwoman and Two-Face while we're at it.
07:58:58 PM Aug 18th 2010
Whoops. I, uh, kinda created a new page for the sequel before I read this.
09:39:15 AM Aug 11th 2010 Bunch of information here that may need to get added as well as delight fans of the game
11:04:15 AM Aug 1st 2010
Does anyone else sometimes just play the challenge mode for hours on end just to have fun torturing the mooks? Before playing this game, I never thought I had sadistic tendencies...

(On that note, if you look close enough when the mooks are 'terrified', they are visibly trembling....)
04:09:42 PM Apr 8th 2010
Because it has won a Made of Win (and because it was frikkin´ hilarious), I´m gonna save the previous entry for Monster Clown here. It deserves to exist.
04:04:52 PM Jun 12th 2010
edited by
You people are nuts. It's obviously the Tally Man.
11:18:43 AM Mar 30th 2010
No idea which trope this fits best:

08:16:37 PM Jul 6th 2010
I just put it under Technical Pacifist. Done and done!
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