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03:58:06 PM Dec 13th 2013
Does this trope require the explicit chain of reasoning?

10:01:23 PM Jul 8th 2012
I'm pretty sure there have been examples of this in Mario RP Gs (Particularly with thr Detective Penguins in the Paper Marios) but I can't think of an example.
07:56:01 PM Mar 10th 2011
edited by JurassicMosquito
I just pulled the following example...

  • The Dark Knight does not disappoint. At a murder scene, Bats cuts out a section of brick wall containing fragments of a shattered handgun bullet and utilizes a gatling gun with some different brick wall samples to emulate an identical shattered bullet and computer-engineer an image of the thumbprint belonging to the guy who loaded the round into the clip magazine, because logically the shooter also rents the apartment from which the Joker plans to stage his attempt on the mayor's life. Right?

...because I always figured that the Joker deliberately put the thumbprint of the guy who rented the apartment onto the bullet. And that he did this so that when Batman got the fingerprint off the bullet, he would come looking for the Joker in that apartment and—if all went well—get shot by the cops when the timer went off and the window blind moved, revealing to every police sniper in the area: a man in the window, looking through a barrel-shaped object, trained on the mayor. Which, now that I see it written out like that, is clearly insane. So...the Joker is the one doing the Bat-deducting, perhaps?
03:54:38 PM Sep 20th 2010
I think the difference between this trope and Eureka Moment needs to be better defined. Why is the "Cancelled" episode of South Park an example of this trope while the scene from Independence Day which it is parodying is a Eureka Moment?
11:15:33 PM Nov 29th 2010
I agree, and I would maintain that the iconic scene from Independence Day is definitely a bat deduction. Although the reasoning and logic are sound, the plot element (Julius Levinson warning against catching cold) which prompts David to make the deduction is pretty much out of left field. In other words, the writers ran out of time/ space to explain how David could arrive at that conclusion, so they filled in the plot hole with the "catching cold...virus" bit. According to the page for Bat Deduction, this is a textbook application. I think the truth is that most attempts at legitimate Eureka Moments end up looking like Bat Deductions the more closely you look at them. Most movies are only about ninety minutes, after all.
10:18:35 PM Jul 8th 2012
I think the Bat Deduction concept is in general a Parody of a Eureka Moment. But the difference is in a Eureka Moment the only superficially connected thing isn't a real clue at all, it's just a trigger.
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