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10:50:08 PM Jun 23rd 2016
09:50:23 PM May 29th 2016
edited by ADrago
I feel that this trope needs a better name. Base Breaker is supposed to be about divisive characters, but I've ran into quite a few instances where this page was linked or potholed to when divisive elements or works were being discussed, which is what Broken Base is about. I feel that this trope needs a name that would make it more clear that this trope is supposed to be about characters and is not the same as Broken Base.
05:28:56 AM Jan 15th 2015
Is Tina from Bob's Burger a Base Breaker because she seems like it.
09:28:28 AM Jan 15th 2015
12:40:13 PM Jan 15th 2015
I can understand how some people like her, but with her voice, efforts always trying to be social, and how Gene and Louise are base breakers, I feel she's a base breaker too.
12:42:00 PM Jan 15th 2015
But then again, somewhere on TV did heard she was said to be the funniest character on the show. So you know
11:59:27 AM Jun 23rd 2014
"To put in trope-speak, The Scrappy meets Ensemble Darkhorse by way of Broken Base."

=> I contest. Ensemble Darkhorse doesn't mean "popular character" but "surprisingly popular minor character". While a main character can be a Base Breaker, he can't be an Ensemble Darkhorse. This maybe sould be rewritten.
12:19:36 PM Jun 23rd 2014
That probably contributes to the massive misuse that Ensemble Darkhorse sees.
09:23:47 PM Jun 23rd 2014
Yep. Someone ought to file a removal request here.
06:33:35 PM Jul 30th 2013
Can we please stop taking off the examples on subjective tropes like this? These are some of my favorite sections.
06:42:00 PM Jul 30th 2013
Things got pretty heated, so we really can't. But you could always imagine they were on the page.
12:03:09 AM Jul 14th 2012
Can we please start a discussion for a name change to this Trope? I've seen too many mistakes between Base Breaker and Broken Base that it just becomes annoying.
12:38:17 AM Jul 14th 2012
That belongs in TRS. If you check the wicks to prove it's being confused, then you can start a thread about how to fix it.
12:21:52 PM Apr 25th 2012
Can I just say that the page image is a thing of beauty, though? Poor neutral-leaner. xD
11:56:47 PM Aug 13th 2012
edited by rodneyAnonymous
08:41:45 PM Feb 26th 2012
Wait, this page allows examples again? When did this happen?
02:42:14 PM Mar 15th 2012
Some guy tried to restore them about two month after the examples were chopped. I removed them again.
06:18:24 AM Mar 24th 2012
Someone should ask a mod for this page to be locked, since it doesn't accept examples anymore.
03:06:56 AM Jun 16th 2012
Why not?
04:20:33 PM Nov 6th 2011
edited by brony99
and some people don't like the new My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic character, Pipsqueak. I wanna know why. I can think or reasons why some might not like the Cutie Mark Crusaders(but I don't agree with those reasons) but my head hurts trying to figure out what is even the slightest bit wrong with Pip.

and I'd still appreciate it if my last post was replied to.
10:33:36 PM Nov 10th 2011
edited by CP/FMfan
All the examples have been removed. But that's a whole new question: should all examples listed on individual work YMMV pages be removed too? Just checking.
09:34:36 AM Oct 2nd 2011
Question about this trope- do the haters and the lovers have to be roughly equal in number for a character to qualify as a Base Breaker?
10:37:17 AM Oct 2nd 2011
Yeah, I think that is pretty much how the definition is.
09:08:52 PM Oct 2nd 2011
Is there any real way to accurately determine how much people love a character and how much hate him/her? Because I think a few examples of this page are a bit questionable.
12:31:17 AM Oct 3rd 2011
Probably not. One has to know the fandom opinion really well, I think.
06:06:50 PM Oct 3rd 2011
edited by CPFMfan
Following that logic, couldn't anyone declare any character in existence a base breaker if they don't like him/her, as their is no real way to disprove them? The closest I can think is linking a fan website, and even an argument like that can be promptly shot down with "its just that site" or "those fans are a Vocal Minority." I think this is a pretty pressing issue, since literally any character can be said to be a Base Breaker. You can't just go on The Scrappy page and call any character you don't like one, but doing so is very possible on the Base Breaker page.
11:01:02 AM Nov 3rd 2011
edited by brony99
I'd like to know too. the YMMV page for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic says that the Cutie Mark Crusaders are Base Breakers but I only know of four or five people who outright hate them. and the reasons for the hate don't seem to hold much water either.
06:38:55 PM Nov 4th 2011
does anyone have an answer? I try to keep myself restrained but negativity towards the Cutie Mark Crusaders is a bit of a Berserk Button for me.
12:08:28 AM Sep 26th 2010
edited by LanceOmikron
Okay, so I understand that this trope applies specifically to characters within works that cause a split in the fanbase. Trouble is, the general concept (a work's fanbase splitting over a single aspect) and rather ambiguous name of this trope make it very easy to apply to non-character aspects of a work. For example, I've seen several instances where this trope is applied to particularly polarizing entries in video game series.

Assuming this occasional confusion is enough to warrant a change to the trope, the question is whether we should:

A) Change the name to more obviously reflect the trope's character-based nature.


B) Expand the trope's definition to include non-character aspects.

'A' would obviously be the simpler choice, but an argument for 'B' is that (unless I'm mistaken) there doesn't seem to be an equivalent to this trope for non-character aspects of a work.
02:49:02 PM Dec 16th 2010
I personally like the trope name and definition as they are.

Using it for only characters means that we don't have to go into as many critiques of certain franchises disguised as "basebreakers."
11:12:16 PM Jul 29th 2010
What exactly did Aang do in the [[Avatar: The Last Airbender]] finale to make him a base breaker?
12:09:57 AM Sep 26th 2010
To answer your question, only one word is necessary: energybending.
03:12:25 PM Mar 16th 2010
Cut from the Heroes entry:

  • Is there the option to accept both the above statements [that Sylar should've died in S1 and that he's the only character worth watching]?

Sure. There's also the "neither" option — you'd never know it from this wiki, but some of us Heroes fans actually like the show. However, all of this is natter and belongs off the main page.
12:45:38 PM Mar 12th 2010
edited by
Sovvil: Removed Celia. No way is she a base breaker. She is by far the most hated of all the Stick character, and a Scrappy by a landslide majority. Considering what she was up against (Miko), that is something.
03:11:44 PM Mar 16th 2010
edited by Zeke
Hmm. That's the kind of comment that usually gets my Irish up, since in any large enough fandom, the only thing that's true of "most" fans is that they think "most" fans agree with them. But this trope is specifically about the vocal fans — they're the part of the "base" getting broken. So for once, this is a trope where one can safely make those broad statements, as long as one has spent enough time at a given series' forum or wherever the fans hang out online.

(I'm not really going anywhere with this. I just think it's interesting.)

As for Celia, I'm pretty neutral towards her. Don't mind her particularly but wouldn't miss her either. I'm surprised to hear she's so unpopular.
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