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04:09:13 PM Mar 18th 2016
I don't understand why so many people make a big deal about this in Winx Club or Zootopia (and in the case of the former, use it as the basis on which they hate it, though this didn't stop the latter from becoming extremely popular). Based on what I read on its page here it's obviously not nearly as offensive as they make it out to be (indeed, it's quite popular in Western Animation), and no one seemed to mind it in Pokemon or Aladdin. (besides, I should think bikinis are far worse and they're seen all the time without anyone making a fuss).

Having grown up watching Pokemon and Aladdin I'd certainly see it as a "cute thing" rather than a "whore thing". I curse whoever changed it to be seen that way and pray that Zootopia restores it to the way it was
08:51:15 AM Apr 22nd 2013
I think we should drop the "Art" entry about the hammer-and-sickle tableau in Kerala. That's not a statue: it's people painted gold and posing. Unless someone can think of another place to put it, I'm going to cut it out.
12:10:58 PM Apr 23rd 2013
Deleted this:

  • Some real-life statues in the world do contain women in midriffs, though less common than women in birthday suits. This monument in Kerala, India, built by Indian Communists, of all people, shows a bare-chested worker raising a hammer and a female peasant holding a sickle to form the hammer and sickle logo. [1] Even though the woman is rather ugly, her attire is somewhat a Fetish Fuel by Dirty Communists, for Dirty Communists.
01:24:29 PM Apr 17th 2013
How does Mulan count? I watched the whole movie recently and nothing.
01:36:56 PM Apr 17th 2013
edited by
Remember when she's been hurt and is in a tent, or something like that? She's only wearing trousers and chest binding, so when she pushes off the blanket her midriff is bared.
10:42:43 AM Jul 14th 2017
I checked the scene, and her chest binding goes all the way down to her trouser line, so no, no bare midriff. Removing the example.
11:21:02 AM Jul 14th 2017
Not to mention, that'd be a blatant shoehorn.
04:27:25 PM Aug 21st 2012
Are real life examples allowed? 'Cause I work next to a tattoo parlor and almost all the girls I see go in there either have a transparent top and bra on or just have a midriff shirt to begin with and some come out with their shirts rolled up.
08:09:05 PM Jul 25th 2014
I guess you could post it as a trope seen with girls tho love tattoos, you see it with people like Kat Von D for instance.
12:28:58 AM Aug 14th 2012
Kind of funny that this is still so common in cartoons and comics. At least where I'm from, bare midriffs are so late nineties =P
01:03:07 PM Sep 12th 2012
'Cause midriffs are still sexy? At least I think so. =P
12:05:27 AM Nov 23rd 2013
Late 90s or no , they're still quite appealing.
08:13:14 PM Jul 25th 2014
Sadly it's not seen as a cute thing anymore like before, but it's now seen like a whore thing, I remind a lot of characters in the past cartoons who bared their midriff as a cute trend, but now it's seen as something that just a prostitute would do.
07:51:05 PM Mar 18th 2016
So this is yet another instance of something cute gaining a bad reputation. Cats have a reputation as being cold and disdainful (when really they're sensitive creatures), furries are often mistaken for perverts due to a lot of the fanart of them (especially Krystal and Renamon), and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was once mistaken for the prissy show that's only for little girls due to the previous two My Little Pony shows and its line of toys. It's like there's some sort of anti-cute conspiracy going on
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