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06:39:54 AM Jan 20th 2014
The "Obama Curse" seems more fitting as an example of Madden Curse instead of Touch of Death as it's currently listed: something being mentioned by someone famous, and then suffers misfortune.
05:10:00 AM Nov 6th 2013
Someone should add how Bush and Obama are present in My Name Is Khan, going so far as "Obama" adressing directly main character.
04:01:37 PM Aug 6th 2013
Obama is 52 years old now.
08:15:01 PM Mar 14th 2013
Someone needs to add that Obama is now being played by fully-black Jay Pharoah on SNL.
10:34:56 PM Nov 8th 2012
I know it's locked because of bias potential and all that, but maybe we want to mention his re election in 2012?
08:59:56 AM Apr 19th 2013
Write up what you want added and submit it here.
05:58:09 PM Nov 8th 2012
Hey, I just saw an article in Washington Post about Obama's road to victory this year. Here's the link of you want to check: Basically, Obama just steamrolled Romney (their word, not mine) until Romney beat him majorly in the first debate. That evened the whole game until the election. Now, here's the catch: Obama's aides had been urging him to practice his debate, knowing that Romney would put all his remaining cards in the first debate. However, Obama was so (in hindsight, over-) confident that debate wouldn't have mattered with his lead, so he didn't take the lesson seriously. And then we know what happened afterward.

Here's the thing: is this Cassandra Truth or Break the Haughty?
09:26:41 PM Oct 15th 2012
Can someone please add to either the Black and Nerdy or One of Us pages that he's apparently a fan of Mean Girls if this is any indication:
09:27:21 PM Oct 15th 2012
Ahh, I only posted a link to the image. How about now?
12:23:11 AM Sep 22nd 2012
His current age is now 51.
04:50:08 AM Sep 22nd 2012
Go to this thread for edit requests. I've made this one for you.
02:03:55 AM Aug 26th 2012
can i please add "he's also a lefty" under the southpaw entry?
02:40:10 AM Aug 26th 2012
Yes, but you need to ask in the forums, dude. There is a thread in FAQ. Linked from Locked Pages.
10:29:06 PM Aug 29th 2012

Sorta new here. sorry.
12:59:03 PM Jun 11th 2012
edited by Eagal
The second entry in Embarrassing Middle Name seems to belong to a different trope.
01:04:06 PM Jun 11th 2012
Also, I don't think having a name that could be rendered Irishesque by the addition of an apostrophe counts as Name's the Same.
11:40:03 PM May 11th 2012
The spoiler in the Cold Case entry should be nixed, as it's irrelevant to the entry.
10:50:37 AM Apr 12th 2012
Black and Nerdy: Add recent photo op with Nichelle Nichols. Catch Phrase: Add "Fire It Up". Conspiracy Theory: Add that Cleveland was not only elected President while holding dual citizenship, but he even did it twice. Curb-Stomp Battle: Change "suggested why" to "suggested this is why". Deadpan Snarker: Add "Brush that dirt off my shoulder" visual snark from 2008. Also add his mortgage relief press conference on Super Tuesday 2012, stealing fire from the hotly contested Republican primaries/caucuses. Five-Man Band: Biden doubles as a lancer, too; pre-office, he had a reputation for snark that makes Obama's look like a Sesame Street bit. (And wouldn't Hillary be The Chick?) Is This Thing Still On: Add recent overheard Israel/Iran strategy gaffe.

10:16:02 AM Apr 24th 2012
Add to Catch Phrase: "I love you back!"
02:46:38 PM Mar 13th 2012
I'm going to make another call to unlock this to new edits. What we've got right now is a fossil page from January 2008 which is increasingly inaccurate for how Obama is perceived and depicted.
11:48:52 PM May 11th 2012
I agree with this. I don't see another politician page that's edit locked, even likely targets such as Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin or George W. Bush (who is not yet under the politicians index). The assumption that it will descend into Flame War due to being for a political figure does not appear to be supported. Inertia isn't a good reason.
11:12:24 AM Mar 2nd 2012
Okay, so I see Barack has his fair share of fangirls (and possibly fanboys as well), since this page seems to praise him to the point where you can almost here the squee in the editor's tone. I understand that politics is prime Flame Bait, but it seems very unreasonable to just shoot down every negative comment (no matter how legitimate) there is to make about him. Not even a YMMV tab to admit he's a Base Breaker or walking Flame Bait in his own right. No need to call him The Scrappy though (as noted in the aforementioned fanbase, he clearly isn't), but still; judging by the comments above me, it seems we could do well to unlock this page and really do some work on it.
03:33:17 PM Mar 8th 2012
Because all politicians are Base Breakers and Flame Bait depending on your point of view, so why does that even need to be said? Just to tell other people you don't like him? I don't like many politicans with their own pages here, but I don't bother pointing out that they're base breakers or flame bait for me because that's apparent and redundant. Besides, I've noticed that people sneak those tropes in pretending to be "just pointing it out," then sneak in an explanation about why, then someone sneaks in natter about how one may have a point (all while pretending to still be neutral).
02:07:24 PM Apr 18th 2012
This page is utter gushing over him. That's not a good idea considering how Flame Bait the target is.
08:41:47 PM Oct 19th 2012
For all his unpopularity, George W Bush's page remains pretty positive overall. I like it that way. If we want to talk about Obama being flame bait and a base breaker, we'll have to do likewise for Bush (and plenty of other popular/unpopular politicians). Tvtropes is just about the last page I can go to that can talk about political leaders without descending into yet another partisan bitchslapfest. I hope we all want to keep it that way.
03:03:36 PM Feb 13th 2013
I don't know if 'bitchslapfest' is a real word. But it is from now on, because I'm using it. I think I'll start tonight. Thanks, iwishihad2000feet!
02:07:00 AM Jul 12th 2013
George W Bush's page doesn't portray him very positively, it has him listed as Butt Monkey, has a bunch of references to his torture policies (Enhanced Interrogation techniques, Insistent Terminology, Kill It With Water) and then there's Nice Job Breaking It Hero and some of the stuff in his description. Don't get me wrong I dislike both but while on Bush's page you get reminders of his torture policies and his perceived incompetence the worst you see on Obama's page has to do with him being too compromising, I think it should have some more sanely critical tropes listed, especially with knowledge of things like his war on whistleblowers and the details of his drone strike policy comes to more light, I understand not wanting to make it into a political debate but that doesn't mean hardly put a critical thing about him, we should strive for more honesty and balance don't you think?
08:20:28 AM Feb 22nd 2012
edited by kyun
How come...

  • 1.) The last 20 edits on this History page are all done by a mod?
  • 2.) It's locked?
08:20:54 AM Feb 22nd 2012
Politics is Flame Bait.
02:08:14 AM Feb 17th 2012
Need to change the Royal Canadian Air Farce wick. It is not filed here under the Series/ tag.
01:36:22 PM Feb 14th 2012
These entries have to be expanded according to How to Write an Example:
12:57:06 PM Feb 13th 2012
Another example for Black and Nerdy: He follows Aperture Science on Twitter.
06:56:55 AM Feb 12th 2012
I want to add a little correction. The article says Barack also means "blessed" in Hebrew. While that's certainly a beautiful meaning, it's not a Hebrew one in this case. Barack is actually an Arabic name, باراك Bārāk, meaning "blessed". It does have a Hebrew cognate name, but that's ברוך "Baruch". In Hebrew, ברק "Barak" means something different entirely — "lightning".
05:08:47 PM Nov 2nd 2011
Is Obama a case of "But not too White"? I mean the fact that he is mixed race rather than blacks seems to get ignored quite a lot, especially on the lead up to the election.
09:51:44 AM Oct 5th 2011
Example of Crowd Chant: During Barack Obama's U.S. presidential campaign, his supporters would often chant, "Yes We Can!"
06:38:41 PM Sep 21st 2011
The page is locked? And yet it still has all these tropes painting him as this saintly figure. Not really NPOV, you know. And a bunch of Take That, Critics! on the page, too. It's Flame Bait for sure, but almost nobody can do anything about it.
06:38:17 PM Sep 26th 2011
I mean, really. This article is quite biased towards him.
06:45:24 PM Sep 26th 2011
03:00:03 PM Sep 17th 2011
The page is locked, but is it possible that we could add that Obama has a doppelganger in the form of comedian Reggie Brown?
02:53:27 AM Jul 14th 2011
A question:

Should we put anything about the recent meeting-gone-bad?
06:05:22 AM Sep 9th 2011
I'm It seems like the issue is considered too much of a Flame Bait.
06:45:31 PM Sep 26th 2011
But the article's constant gushing over him and attacking anyone who may have a problem with him as 'nuts' isn't Flame Bait?
02:35:52 PM Jun 7th 2011
Edited out the reference to his being the first son of a non-native-born citizen to be President, because Chester Arthur's father was Irish.
08:33:31 AM Jun 8th 2011
Also, most of the foundingi fathers were sons of non-native-born citizens. Hell, most of them weren't born in the US either since it didn't exist until they were old men.
02:32:25 PM Jun 7th 2011
Edited out the reference to his being the first son of a non-native-born citizen to be President, because Chester Arthur's father was Irish.
07:11:24 AM May 31st 2011
Honestly, Five-Man Band?

This trope is much abused on too many pages; is there really a good justification for it to be here?
10:18:22 AM Jun 20th 2012
edited by TheoGren
I agree, it doesn't fit. Seven isn't five. It should either be taken out or had the extra lancers removed.
10:50:18 PM May 11th 2011
Purely out of curiousity and not wanting to unwittingly start an edit war - why is there an entry for The Chamberlain?
08:26:54 AM May 12th 2011
edited by Malchus
Because someone chose to ignore the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment, thinking he/she was being clever. It managed to avoid notice by being nestled between the more noticeable entries for Catch Phrase and Conspiracy Theorist.

But now, REDACTED.
08:32:24 AM May 12th 2011
edited by Malchus
A note from admin about examples: Barack Obama as a modern politician is noteworthy to this site as a performer. He uses rhetorical techniques to obtain a specific outcome. That's storytelling. The examples here are of the guy's techniques, and how he is used in media, not about your political opinions. No subjective tropes or "audience reaction" tropes are wanted here. Recall the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment. [italicized bolding mine]
08:29:01 PM May 12th 2011
I edited the quote back without the subjective tags, as I believe we should not bow down to terrorists and lie by omitting it.
02:50:56 PM Nov 26th 2011
Crowning Moment of Awesome would explicitly give him the credit for this, which would be high-grade Flame Bait as far as I can guess.
08:31:28 PM Jan 7th 2011
edited by Anaheyla
Just in case it wasn't obvious, I just went on an editing spree to remove a few lingering subjective tropes as per the standard conventions. The admin note dealy-jigger may have had something to do with it as well. :P

Although I do wonder if a YMMV page is in order...
08:33:01 PM Jan 7th 2011
P.S. Elaboration is needed for the status of Hot Consort. To what does this refer?
11:58:51 AM Dec 5th 2010
Moving a disputed example here and notifying moderator to keep an eye on it.

Barack Obama: Although Obama is often depicted as a departure from the WASP as president norm, one can also characterize him as an extension of the trope. Obama is half-White, half Anglo-Saxon, and a Protestant. Hence, one could argue that he is two thirds WASP.

12:02:17 PM Dec 5th 2010
The open Repair Shop topic is all over these edits. EVERYBODY is in agreement that Barack Obama is not a WASP.
07:47:15 PM Dec 5th 2010
edited by rodneyAnonymous
Note from edit history: "...since you feel so strongly about this, why don't you simply edit in a rejoinder to my entry? That way, we both have our say, and we can stop this pointless edit war..."

That is not how it works. A "rejoinder" is natter. No conversations in the main page. This is how it works: bring the dispute to the discussion page.

Also note that the person that said that is banned (for other actions).
07:49:01 PM Dec 5th 2010
what was syon banned for?
07:49:43 PM Dec 5th 2010
Follow Sean Murray I's link.
11:56:09 AM Dec 5th 2010
edited by KillerClowns
EDIT: Never mind, I'm letting blackcat's post deal with this.
02:37:12 PM Sep 16th 2010
edited by SomeGuy
As I've made overtures as to how this description could be improved, I've taken a shot at putting it more in line with the "politician as performer" idea mentioned in the admin note and I think well-demonstrated in the Sarah Palin article.

Edit it as you like if you feel this was an unhelpful change. And, um, apologies to Fast Eddie if it turns out modifying the admin message was an unforgivable crime. If that's the case I'd prefer my lumps with sugar, if possible.
02:45:36 PM Sep 16th 2010
edited by SeanMurrayI
What was so wrong with the paragraph about the Nobel Peace Prize that it had to be removed entirely?

In fact, a lot general, impartial information about Obama's political background and election has been removed, too (including the fact that he's the first black president, which many would say is a BIG FUCKING DEAL). What gives?
02:56:38 PM Sep 16th 2010
edited by SomeGuy
All right, I think a more detailed explanation is warranted.

We are not The Other Wiki. This isn't true just in terms of There Is No Such Thing as Notability, but also of general form. Stuff like Obama winning the Nobel Prize, the specifics of the elections he was involved in and his political background, this is all stuff we can get on Wikipedia, and probably with better citations to boot. By contrast, someone on the TV Tropes wiki goes to pages expecting analysis of tropes in media, which I've tried to outline to the best of my ability by emphasizing the image Obama conveys to the country, and keeping the page from getting too long by consequently cutting off the more dry, encyclopedic information.

In other words facts, impartial though they may be, are irrelevant to us if they don't impact Obama's public image, and they should be related to his image as such if they're going to be in the description. At least, that's my opinion- if you strongly and reasonably disagree, by all means revert the parts of the description you wish. I acknowledge that my rewrite was a bit of a departure and may have been a bit much given the page was only recently unlocked.
02:59:11 PM Sep 16th 2010
edited by FastEddie
Even those don't matter much. The entirety of the description could be "Forty-fourth President of the United States. Provides examples of:..."

People looking for encyclopedia entries about the guy have other resources.
03:05:39 PM Sep 16th 2010
edited by SeanMurrayI
Still, I think it warrants mention that Obama's the first black president. No matter what the history books might say about him, that bit is always going to be a very prominent and identifiable fact about the guy.
03:07:17 PM Sep 16th 2010
And, for better or for worse, reactions to that fact are the basis in some form of a lot of what is said about him in less political issue driven media.
10:21:49 AM Sep 14th 2010
Just to stick my nose into the current edit war, yes, a threat sent to the president should be taken seriously. It should certainly be investigated and looked into.

But if it's found that it was made by a drunken teenager who, you know, was drunk and not really a threat, banning him from the country for life is a bit harsh. He's a teenager who did something stupid when he was drunk, not a terrorist/communist/ninja operative plotting to kill/kidnap the president.
02:15:48 PM Sep 16th 2010
Be that as it may, we should emphasize Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment. An event like this has little to do with Obama and everything to do with the President of the United States, and including it reeks of politicization.
10:03:05 PM Sep 13th 2010
edited by Jordan
I edited details about Obama's name. I only know a bit of Hebrew, but if Barack means blessing in Swahili, then Swahili must share some words with Hebrew (or perhaps Hebrew and Arabic share the word and and Swahili got it from Arabic- I'm really curious). Baruch means blessed in Hebrew, and I can tell that it's the same root for Obama's first name.

I think that I explained accurately why his name wouldn't mean lightening.

Edit- I answered my own question- found info here. It is from Arabic, and the example they give is like the Egyptian leader Mubaarak. Kind of interestingly that Barack and his father spell their names more like a Hebrew transliteration than an Arabic one.
07:37:47 PM Sep 12th 2010
To whosoever it may concern, the Repair Shop discussion is about the possibility of unlocking this page. I'd suggest making your opinion known if you ever want to edit in within the next few years.
08:45:59 PM Sep 13th 2010
Good news- you may have noticed that the lock has been lifted. Let's all keep a careful eye on this page so the admins have no cause to re-instate it.
02:54:05 PM Sep 12th 2010
for the "wrong sylLAble" trope, change the correct pronunciation to "ba-ROCK" and note that on Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson mispronounced his first name as rhyming with Mac (and said the surname first).
09:06:14 AM Oct 5th 2010
edited by johnnye

This is always going to be tricky, given that we're talking about different accents and can't really break out the IPA. I'll let an American edit the American pronunciations, but for the British it's either "BA-ruck" (like the word 'barrack') or "buh-RACK uh-BAH-muh".
05:12:32 AM Apr 14th 2012
edited by GastonRabbit
On the subject of American pronunciations, I'm positive his last name is pronounced "oh-BAH-muh" by most Americans, with the "oh" sound sounding like the "oh" sound in "toaster." I've never heard anyone pronounce the first syllable as "uh."
05:39:09 PM Aug 24th 2010
Very minor, but his daughter's name is spelled "Malia," not "Milia." (In "Overprotective Dad.")
11:14:53 PM Aug 14th 2010
I wanted to add:

  • Sham Ceremony: Averted. His swearing in was slightly off due to the Chief Justice screwing it up, so they redid it later to prevent nuts from claiming he wasn't president.

But this is locked. Any chance this can be added?
01:51:38 PM Nov 27th 2011
Over a year late, but there is this thread for that. I will ask.
12:27:31 PM Aug 5th 2010
That portal part of the "Black and Nerdy, One of Us" trope is fake, if one would read the comments on the page of the picture.
09:07:07 PM Aug 4th 2010
"Won the Nobel Peace Prize on October 9, 2009" Should be "Was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize". This isn't the Stanley Cup. You don't "win" it.

"that lead many to feel he was not taking the idea seriously" Should be "that led".

"Somewhat softened, in that he has now ordered federal prosecutors not to go after" Should be "has now ordered federal prosecutors to not go after".
12:29:28 PM Aug 5th 2010
edited by MrDeath
This is a wiki. You can edit it yourself, so go right ahead.

D'oh, nevermind. Forgot this was locked. My bad.
01:41:47 PM Aug 5th 2010
Adjustments made.
02:05:35 PM Aug 5th 2010
Any word on when this page may be unlocked? Are we waiting for specific tropers to go away or are we waiting for Barack Obama to stop being a divisive political figure?
02:13:04 PM Aug 5th 2010
edited by Westrim
Really, there's a lot more work to be done, if only because none of the last 9 months of events, whether it's the oil spill or health care or financial reform, are mentioned in the intro. Someone suggested nixing the trope examples above: I could support that, with the more useful stuff (eg. One of Us) being integrated into the intro. Is it possible to unlock it just for known tropers so this could be done?
02:48:00 PM Nov 26th 2011
@Some Guy: The page will probably be unlocked when the 2012 elections are over. It was locked due to getting political heat, after all, and the GW Bush page isn't locked. @Westrim: That sounds very Flame Bait-y to me. Never mind that Known tropers might start the same trouble as unknown ones could.
03:57:23 PM Jul 19th 2010

-Barack means "blessed" in his father's native language (Kiswahili, aka Swahili). It sounds the same as the Hebrew word for lightning, but that's just a coincidence.
  • Barack means "blessed" in his father's native language (Kiswahili, aka Swahili). This is akin to the Hebrew name Baruch, also meaning "blessed". It sounds the same as the Hebrew word for lightning, but that's just a coincidence.
10:07:12 AM Sep 10th 2010
actually, BRK, which is Ancient Hebrew (and pronounced "Barak." There are no vowels, hurray for fun translating) has a slightly different meaning. It means both "Bless" and "Curse." An example of it used both ways is in the book of Job. A translator would have to guess which was the intent of the writer based on context.
01:47:14 PM May 16th 2011
Actually, wrong. Barak is lightning. BRKH (pronounced Barekh) is the imperative 'bless'. The reason for BRKH used as 'curse' in the book of Job is because of the Tiqqun soferim - Chazal deemed that it is blasphemous (or something similar) to put God's name near the word 'curse' so it was changed to 'bless'.
05:31:58 AM Jul 18th 2010
edited by StudiodeKadent
May I suggest an edit?

When the page was unlocked, I added under "Fan Disillusionment" that Progressives were unhappy with the healthcare reforms and considered them Corporatism. I'd like to add that libertarians (ideologically speaking, not just members of the Libertarian Party) were also unhappy with the outcome of the healthcare reforms for exactly the same reason (i.e. that the bill was Corporatist).

I am a libertarian but this isn't a biased edit. There is nothing "wrong" or "good" with the fact that at times, libertarians and progressives agree on some issues. Also, some libertarians voted for Obama simply to avoid the possibility of President Palin (cue shuddering), which would technically make them count as "fans" for the purposes of this trope.

All I ask is for the final text under "Fan Disillusionment" where it reads:
  • The outcome of the healthcare reform bill (see "Golden Mean Fallacy" below) caused a significant level of this amongst the more hardcore progressives; they expected a much more government-oriented bill and considered the final outcome (and specifically the mandate that each individual purchase health insurance) to be absolute Corporatism.

to read:
  • The outcome of the healthcare reform bill (see "Golden Mean Fallacy" below) caused a significant level of this amongst the more hardcore progressives; they expected a much more government-oriented bill and considered the final outcome (and specifically the mandate that each individual purchase health insurance) to be absolute Corporatism (a criticism that many libertarians concurred with).
05:37:51 PM Aug 24th 2010
I don't know — I wouldn't think most libertarians were ever big fans, so it doesn't seem like it'd match the trope.
11:56:58 AM Jul 12th 2011
Considering how low he's currently dropped in popularity points among registered democratic voters, and the sheer number of articles discussing the disillusionment of his former enthusiasts, I'd argue that this would be a clue that perhaps some former/current fans believe the President's public policies didn't quite live up to their expectations. Poor guy…
09:42:26 AM Jul 17th 2010
edited by AnimeOtaku
01:33:39 AM Jun 25th 2010

This needs to be corrected. By putting something so glaring wrong, whoever wrote that discredits any further points they make. And their point is, in fact, legitimate.

(I hope).
02:18:17 PM Sep 28th 2010
Plenty of people say hail with two syllables.
08:59:47 AM Oct 5th 2010
Citation needed. I'm not going to say no-one does, but it seems unlikely. HAY-yul?

You might be thinking that it's a diphthong - the two vowel sound run together - but it's only one syllable.
10:11:34 AM Jun 13th 2010
Why can no one edit this page?
04:12:02 PM Jun 13th 2010
Its been locked
04:49:39 PM Jun 13th 2010
edited by Westrim
I think werdnak noticed that. The question is why?
04:59:08 PM Jun 13th 2010
political edits grew tedious
10:11:05 PM Jun 17th 2010
edited by TwinBird
I'm sorry, but I'm going to ask again in this thread: the "hottip," [birthers are] called that by people who "conservatives" see as "liberal," seems to be very blatantly saying the US right is delusional, a reasonable interpretation of the statement saying they're all birthers. Does it need to be fixed there?

(Also, there's a grammatical error.)
10:17:24 PM Jun 17th 2010
It sounds like it's calling attention to the term being a Detractor Nickname, but expressing it in a circuitous way.
02:40:22 PM Jun 8th 2010
In the Saturday Night Live entry under Live Action TV, one left out word makes loses the whole joke. It would read better as, "Dwayne Johnson took the role for a skit where "Barack Obama" transformed into "The Rock Obama" and proceeded to throw disagreeable advisers out a window.."
02:09:15 PM Jun 6th 2010
  • called that by people who "conservatives" see as "liberal"

...this seems like an unnecessary dig at the right. I can't take it out because the page seems to have been recently locked, but um... Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment?
08:55:04 PM Mar 17th 2010
edited by Rebochan
Is there really a compelling reason to have examples on a page like this? I'm hardly the guy's biggest fan (or biggest enemy - more like ambivalent), but even I can see the problems this leads to. And judging by the edit history and state of the page as it is now, it looks like they're more than active. fact, taking one look at the page for George W. Bush, there's no precedent for having examples of tropes. Despite Bush being just as polarizing as Obama, there is no list of tropes he inspired, merely works of fiction. In light of that, I find no reason for the page to have any trope examples at all. Obama's not that special.
09:16:10 AM Apr 1st 2010
But some of them are really interesting...

I suppose we could move towards sending the examples to the tropes he's an example of, rather than listing them on the actual Barack Obama page. But we've got to keep the stuff about geeky Obama somewhere. We've just got to.
08:46:46 AM Apr 8th 2010
What really bugs me is that we have trope examples for Clinton, and Obama, but none for George W. Bush, with a Cautious Editing tag on him. It just strikes me as REALLY unfair.
04:47:24 PM Apr 8th 2010
edited by FastEddie
Modified that "tag" on the Bush article. The article has trope examples.
06:20:21 AM Sep 6th 2011
I think this is a good idea. Clearly the moderators can't handle the edits to the real life section for Barack Obama. Why not just take the real life sections down for each President, tell tropers to go someplace else for real life examples, and only include examples in fiction?
06:23:09 AM Sep 6th 2011
If you really must, wouldn't it be more appropriate to stuff them in a YMMV page instead?
03:12:21 PM Sep 6th 2011
It's less a case of being unable to handle it and more a case of the possibility such comments offending people. You would think him announcing the death of Osama bin Laden would be up there, but oh nos, someone from Al Qaeda might read it and suicide bomb the TV Tropes servers.

We tend to be rather careful about adding tropes for real life people.
11:26:27 PM Sep 8th 2011
Meh, I thought it was funny going from the Bush page to the Obama page just now... Bush's reflects that he had low approval ratings by the end (but throws in some YMMV about how some people still liked him/didn't HATE him). Obama's reflects the perception of Obama right after getting elected. It doesn't reflect that his approval ratings are also now down below 50, that many of his original fans (myself included, and for the record, I'm basically a weird mix of libertarian and liberal... I know, its confusing.... but I'm not really devoted to one party or the other in an inherent way) have become disillusioned by his actions (never closing gitmo, health care wasn't the socialist system we wanted, it ended up corporatist instead, no end to bush tax cuts, gave in on the debt ceilling thing, and so on... basically he hasn't done anything we thought he promised), and/or that he might be seen as a 'broken idealist' in that now HE is, in response to complaints, telling people to 'stop whining' because you can't always get what you want... which is at least pragmatic, not idealist.

Basically, regardless of whether you personally like him (just like Bush), things are not going very well, even if its not really his fault in your mind. The current rule that its not okay to post anything bad about Obama's presidency (percieved or otherwise) without saying only 'nuts' think that basically breaks the rules of cautious editing, as
11:45:59 PM Sep 8th 2011
Basically: Its equally 'offensive' to be totally one sided in our coverage of any person, arguably more so.

Due to actual facts that can be proven (Obama got so and so approval rating for this thing amongst his original supporters in this poll), it is NOT flame bait to mention that Obama isn't the glorious leader portrayed in the current page... its actually flame bait to instead constantly be deleting those legitimate posts and replace them with more "And he's so smart! And funny! People love him!" posts. I think he's smart too, but what are the polls saying? Thats what shapes his tropes, as a 'performer.' If a performer has a broken base, put it on the page. Obama has a broken base. You do the math.
05:27:00 AM Sep 9th 2011
If you are referring to the What the Hell, Hero? trope that kept being added and deleted then I believe this is a legitimate trope that if only for the sake of fairness should be added, or adopt a completely neutral stance and delete praising tropes.

If this is not the example you are referring to then please point out what you are talking about.
01:37:14 PM Sep 9th 2011
Thats the one. Broken Base could also be appropriate. The actual tropes attached to the situation don't matter that much, just that the situation is represented.

However, I actually think going entirely neutral might be best... but it also goes against the whole point of T Vtropes, in some ways, so perhaps moving all pro/anti obama tropes (a good number of them) into a YMMV section that is essentially unregulated while leaving the main page free of bias would be best.... it could keep stuff that are more about his presidency (perhaps like Both Sides Have A Point, regarding his statements in his books) and universal perceptions (that is, republicans, democrats, and everyone else agree that during the election there was worry that he was Not Too Black... so that trope could stay in that context) , while all praise and complaints could go into YMMV....
11:04:53 AM Mar 2nd 2012
Seriously, why the hell is there no YMMV page for this guy? I think it can be safely admitted that he's definitely a Base Breaker in some cases, so it's far worse to just allow a page only for gushing about how smart/funny/sexy/whatever he is and cut any instance that risks to imply something bad about him.
12:27:55 AM Jul 25th 2012
edited by Malchus
Again, because the last time there were people who kept using it as a way to sneak in comments about how they hate him or how some conspiracy theories of how evil he is "may have a point" while pretending to be just saying. Personally, I think all politician pages should be example-wiped now if all they're going to inspire is that and complaining about how you're not allowed to complain.
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