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05:58:47 PM Dec 5th 2011
edited by darkapothem2000
Here's the blunt version: what, exactly is this trope?

I'm trying to see whether it can be fleshed out so we can move it off of the Pages Needing Wicks page, but having read the description and the wicks I'm not really sure what, if anything, needs to be done to make this a viable trope page. The description does a good job of explaining how bank tellers might be used in a fictional work, but virtually all of the examples so far seem to just be "a bank teller appears in ____"... but the fact that the page is listed in the Western Characters index seems to imply that the Bank Teller ought to have a clearly defined and often-used role...

So are the examples bad, or does the description need work, or is this just you can find tellers in banks?

Unless this can get resolved here, I'm probably going to take this to TRS in a week or so.
08:59:02 PM May 20th 2012
This is more an example of Pages Needing Wicks than anything else; it's a Stock Character in Westerns, with uses in other genres...we just don't have enough tropers with an interest in Westerns filling in the blanks.

I will make a thread in the appropriate forum to ask for more wicks.
09:47:29 AM Mar 23rd 2015
This looks like People Sit on Chairs to me. Someone went overboard on creating Stock Characters for westerns. Bank Tellers are as much stock characters as bank customers, bank security guards and bank managers. There's no unifying characterization that makes the character stock. It's just a profession.
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