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07:10:51 AM Apr 6th 2018
edited by AndyLA
Question: does this apply to women who sport buzzcuts too (such as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the first Deadpool, whose look was brought over to the comics), or is that Boyish Short Hair?
08:34:12 AM Apr 6th 2018
Boyish Short Hair requires the character to also be a tomboy. Buzzcuts I think would be a downplayed version of this trope.
01:08:39 PM Mar 30th 2014
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A lot of the examples, including the page image, still have hair on top of their heads. There is a difference between a close shave and bald people!

The man on Bald of Awesome has one hair on the side of his head, but the top of it is still bear and shiny, also the Bald of evil and Bald Black Leader Guy have shiny bald heads. Is this some kind of double standard? Woman with hair you can't grab is bald but man must have visible head flesh?

Now, Cassandra Nova is truly bald and so would make a better image but she's also old so would not be the best one in my opinion (she may have just lost her hair due to age, I think someone who voluntarily went bald all the way would be better). Did SASORI willingly go bald?
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