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02:25:44 PM Jul 9th 2016
Just to be clear, good =/= law, which is what some of this article wrongfully implies.
04:09:56 PM Dec 10th 2015
What's the opposite of this? There's plenty about the ways this is implemented but I don't see one thing about stories that say the whole "balance" thing is a load bigger than the bull that made it. For that matter, are there tropes about different interpretations of what evil is? The balance only works with the possibly mistaken belief that "evil" is merely the absence or opposite of good, even though philosophical thought has also suggested that instead evil might be better defined as a parasite or corruption that has and needs good as its core, a rotten apple rather than no apple.
12:31:38 AM Dec 11th 2015
These are questions for the Trope Finder.
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