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07:27:08 PM Sep 28th 2010
This trope seems to be splitting in two directions regarding badass bureaucrats. On the one hand we have bureaucrats that are badass at being bureaucrats. They can cut through the red tape, scrounge up resources, or in some cases run an entire system from their desk. So badass at being a bureaucrat I guess. The other ones are badasses who are bureaucrats. So a guy who can kick the teeth out of anyone who gives him trouble, but also is a bureaucrat. Not necessarily badass at being a bureaucrat, but a badass who works as one.

So does anyone think this might be a good reason to edit the page a bit? I don't mean make two entries but I guess explain there's two types maybe?
10:11:38 PM Aug 17th 2013
edited by
I think it mostly implies being badass at being a bureaucrat and bureaucrats who are badasses in the normal sense are kind of an afterthought to make sure it stays in the Badass Index at a time when Badass Tropes were the big fashion. The second isn't really necessary; there are plenty of tropes for that(More Than Meets the Eye etc). The first however implies a noticeable character type.
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