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07:58:10 AM Jun 16th 2017
edited by MrRoarke
What is it when someone is not fighting with a baby, but is rescuing a baby? Outrunning the fireball with a baby? Doing things other than fighting, but nonetheless badass, with a baby in arms?

I had a proposed edit for this page, but not sure if it fits:
  • In an episode of Chicago Fire, Hermann is rescuing a young child from an apartment fire after having been ordered to evacuate by Da Chief. Unfortunately his main avenue of escape is blocked. Cut to outside the building and Herman, clutching the baby, bails out of an upper story window and hangs over the edge one armed, child in the other, until they can get the ladder to him. Pretty badass, since he was employing a seldom used escape technique taught in firefighter school, and was resolved to support himself and an infant using only one arm 20 feet above the ground for an unknown to him amount of time before being retrieved.
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