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01:10:04 PM Aug 15th 2013
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I take it a guy whose power more or less involves manipulating and tapping into the thoughts and minds of others* could fall into this trope, assuming the one with said powers looks a bit threatening and isn't trusted due to this.
08:03:18 PM Mar 26th 2013
The Whateley Universe is just a web original, not a web comic, and shouldn't have an entry under both, right?

05:02:29 PM Jul 6th 2011
Why is Maxwell Lord an example? Wouldn't it make more sense for him to be under Bad Powers, Bad People considering his behavior for the past several years? I'm moving it, because at this point he's unambiguously a bad guy and his powers still fit.
04:44:56 PM Nov 16th 2010
Had a question about a potential example- would Harry Potter himself count on account of having Voldemort's parseltongue ability (and to a lesser degree probably some other powers as well). I know (technically) parseltongue isn't an evil power because (technically) Slytherins aren't Always Chaotic Evil, but in practice, I think it's an example of this trope.
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