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08:22:18 AM Oct 8th 2013
How does Bad Humour connect to ice cream?
10:11:53 AM Oct 8th 2013
Good Humor is a very famous novelty ice cream brand.
07:17:01 PM Nov 5th 2016
Perhaps we should make one of its alternate names the canonical name. I'm all for puns, but the pun shouldn't rely on a brand name. If you don't know "Good Humor" as an ice cream brand (I don't, and I live in the US, where "Good Humor" is based according to the other wiki), then this trope title is very non-descriptive and even misleading. I thought it might have been a comedian's van or something. Even after looking at the page and having it explained to me, I don't go "oooh, I get it! That's clever!" like I do with so many other pun pages that might take some effort to understand. No, this page I'm left thinking, "... Okay? If you say so."
02:34:01 PM Oct 7th 2011
One might have expected this when Team Rocket used an ice cream truck as cover, but like most of their front operations, not only are they successful, but they ought to have stuck with it rather than going back to crime. Would that be a subversion? (We have bad guys running an ice cream truck, but they're friendly and provide prompt service at a fair price.)
08:57:56 AM Mar 25th 2010
The strapping young lad example may be off City, I can't quite remember. I'll have to dig them out and have a listen.
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