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04:20:51 PM Sep 20th 2014
Should Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL World Duel Carnival be on here? From what I read, almost everything was cut from the English version, including all unlockable cards being default, only playing as 14 of the 41 characters, and, since it's download only, the promo cards are not localized.
10:05:15 PM Mar 2nd 2012
Just read the last issue of Shonen Jump. They made it look normal first, but for the manga that were going to appear in Alpha, they also had the chapters included in the first publication of Alpha. So, say, if you were reading Bleach in that last Shonen Jump, you would think that they skipped about 146 chapters, including major spoilers, and provided less than a page of catch-up material, when they actually... did exactly what I just said.
06:27:50 PM Jan 23rd 2012
Does this apply to cases where the port is censored?
08:55:53 AM Jul 29th 2011
I don't believe this applies if the "bad port" came out before the good one, right?
12:19:58 PM Jul 11th 2011
So... is Deathsmiles II X an example or not? It is a clearly intentional subpar release... but it's not "watered down" from the JP version so much as "inexplicably identical." As in literally so — the text hasn't even been translated.
10:13:39 AM Aug 20th 2010
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An example is the US version of the Playstation 2 game Super Dragon Ball Z has the option to use the Japanese audio removed

The 2005 Remix of Cha-la-head-cha-la is also removed in the US version, but it was in the European version

The Option to use the Japanese audio is in the European version
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