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11:04:46 PM May 29th 2012
This page reminds me of a hilarious true story, well it was true, I may be remembering it (and am retelling it) wrong. So its late in WWII, and by this point its probably very clear except to perhaps the most ill informed people and/or devoted/delusional nazis that germany is going to loose the war . So hour hero goes out, possibly with someone else to scout ahead of his military unit and the units with them, in a vehicle, a jeep or something. They come across a large nazi military unit, I think an SS devision. So the germans have there guns with them, and the guy says that he wants to speak to the commander. So he speaks to the commander and says I am here to accept your surrender. The commander, understandably amused "says accept your surrender?" The man who was in the scout car spells out the situation. Behind me the west where my military is and he says the size of the military units they came from including other units that where with him. And behind you is the east with the russians. Do you want to surrender to me or to them?" And that is how a couple of guys in a scout car got an SS devision to surrender.
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