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10:21:14 AM Aug 6th 2015
I've noticed a trend where female characters equate themselves to baby factories. It's a crapsack world and I just miscarried; suicide time. (Resistance by lorien829.) I can't bear children, so I'm some horrible monster. (Age of Ultron.) Does that belong here?
04:59:04 AM Sep 27th 2013
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Larry Niven's Puppeteers created a slave race of humans from a human colony ship in the "Worlds" series written by Edward Learner. The purpose of the books is to establish the Puppeteers as the Nazis of the Known Space universe. They used to be cute and cuddly, and now, they're Pure Unethical Evil. Only the first two books are worth reading, because he painted himself into a corner. The Puppeteers steal a human colony ship and use the two live human women as grow tanks for human embryos until there are enough females born to do the same to them. Their minds are wiped to prevent resistance, and because all Puppeteers are "male" and their females are symbiotes, the human males must raise the children until a stable population is reached. The Puppeteers also use animal wombs to grow humans with cruel results. This is the series that put me off Known Space forever. It just isnt fun anymore.
01:14:33 PM Jan 24th 2011
This is just begging for a Real Life section. The Duggars, anyone?
09:13:46 PM Jul 13th 2011
Sounds like it would rise more Unfortunate Implications then it's worth...
06:20:52 PM May 31st 2013
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I'm with joeyjojo on this one. I read this and could smell the potential Flame War.

EDIT: I read the "Others" examples. My Uh-Oh senses are tingling. Can we please make this a "No Real Life Examples, Please!" page?
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