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04:46:35 PM Dec 3rd 2012
Removed because this is not a YMMV trope and the example lacks context:

04:59:28 PM Aug 10th 2010
edited by PAL25E
Unless I'm mistaken, I see some non-examples here. This trope is about games that rate your playstyle's attractiveness on-screen and possibly provide some reward, right?

If this is true, the [PROTOTYPE] example should be removed, and possibly the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed example, too, unless there's some style meter or rating system for how you kill stormtroopers.

Should I go ahead and remove those?
02:01:16 AM Apr 2nd 2011
Not sure if this is an example, but playing well on the MMORPG Billy vs SNAKEMAN, and earning the game's myriad of trophies will reward a player with , appropriately enough, Awesome points, used to purchase various helpful benefits.
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