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07:30:44 PM May 27th 2014
I am sure I am not the only person heavily disappointed and upset that this page got removed, so in case you still want to see it, I recommend this link:
08:28:52 AM Feb 11th 2016
Going to agree with this wholeheartedly. The Trope holds water, the decription described it very well (like it's supposed to, maybe?), the reason for it being deleted doesn't really hold up. The issue seems to be that the examples were done poorly, which should have been dealt with by cleaning up the bad examples, not axing the whole page of a functional and sensible trope. Bad examples aren't the trope's fault, they're the fault of the tropers that put up the bad examples.
08:47:59 AM Feb 11th 2016
At the end of the day, the thing is that it's not notable. Things that are awesome are supposed to be practical as a given. It's kind of part of being awesome.
09:48:59 PM Apr 7th 2014
Page cut per TRS
05:48:45 PM Mar 19th 2014
How does the quote match the trope? I can see the PC being Boring Yet Pratical, though I fail to see how Mac is considered Awesome Yet Practical considering that he is only using it listening to music? (Not to mention you can listen to music to both units.)
09:42:14 AM Apr 7th 2014
Agreed, quote does not have anything to do with the article, not sure what whoever picked that one was thinking.

02:30:43 PM Oct 17th 2011
How about the Space shuttle as an example? I'm currently edit-banned for a misspelling so I can't do it, but how about it? It was reusable, Brought up about half the International Space Station and kept it supplied, not to mention all the other stuff it did.
11:18:00 PM Aug 5th 2010
laconic wiki: WTF is FTW?
07:57:15 AM Sep 6th 2010
Seriously? You don't know this? Fine, I'll tell you...

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I mean For The Win! Dammit.
05:14:38 PM Feb 14th 2011
No.. No you don't.
07:36:42 AM Jun 19th 2010
This trope is a mess right now. About half of the examples do not fit the definition. This trope is "cool because it is realistic" not "a cool thing that is useful". Maybe creating another trope, for the examples that do not fit, would fix some of these problems
01:03:53 PM Dec 2nd 2010
Are you entirely certain? As far as I know, 'practical' can mean simple, cost-effective, and/or USEFUL. There is a large amount of overlap, but 'realistic' and 'cost-effective and useful' aren't identical. There seems the opposite problem is also very present: an abiding obsession amongst several tropers who have contributed to the article that being ACTUALLY COOL automatically excludes something from this trope (See: petty parkour/freerunning arguments), part of a much larger, widespread modern fallacy held by the western mind that beauty and effectiveness are mutually exclusive for whatever reason. That's my two bits anyways.
01:26:50 PM Mar 22nd 2011
i agree with the above commentor. practical means that is something that is effective and efficient to use. awesome should be self explanatory. if it meant "cool because it is realistic" it would be called "Awesome because Feasable". "cool thing that is useful" would be a synonym phrase for "Awesome yet Practical"
09:26:10 PM Jan 5th 2012
The problem though, is that a lot of times people wind up thinking this trope is anything that's...well, Awesome yet practical. Like for instance knives; they look awesome, and are a very convenient tool to give someone in a fictional (or even Real Life) setting. However, they could also be used for practical nabbing the dude who's trying to mug you. However, knives do not belong under this trope.
09:44:50 AM Apr 7th 2014
edited by
This whole article is in need of some serious workover, honestly- a huge number of the examples need to be moved to other articles, where they actually belong. Mundane Utility is for things that are awesome which have a practical use Simple, yet Awesome is for things which are awesome because of their practical uses This trope is about things which are awesome with no mitigating factors.
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