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02:26:46 AM Jul 15th 2012
Does this count?
09:11:35 AM Mar 6th 2011
A possible better example for Sonic the Hedgehog is an arc that sums up several (admittedly minor) issues with Tails' actions, relationship with the other characters, and overall attitude by claiming that for the past several months the real Tails was being held hostage by Mammoth Mogul (in his god-like Turbo mode to boot) and the one that we've seen was a clone created by Mogul's Chaos energy. The whole thing felt shoddy (the entire thing was explained and resolved in one issue; Sonic and Fake Tails wait for Mogul to explain everything then beat him in less than a page) and was never hinted at before or mentioned again
10:05:56 PM Jan 10th 2011
Oftentimes, Michael Scott is a bumbling idiot but when things have really gotten serious at episode's end, he often has come through and we see that a trait like loyalty or perseverance really comes through

Is this Office example really valid? I'm not entirely sure I understand what it's talking about, but I suspect that the spirit of the trope is being misunderstood here. This trope seems to be about backpedaling in the face of a regrettable error, while this example seems to be more about a character having multiple facets.
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