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03:49:17 AM Jan 19th 2014
I don't know how to add it or I'd do it myself, but there's another somewhat known webcomic out there that for some reason isn't actually on TV Tropes at all let alone added to this trope; Ninja Spirit. The Author, Yuki Hirokawa, died April 4th 2011 of what was seemingly natural causes at age 34. He was preparing to start his 5th and final chapter of the comic which ad been ongoing since 2003, and had even tweeted two days before his death.
04:04:19 AM Jan 19th 2014
Just write up an example entry with a link to the page for the webcomic (it doesn't matter if it doesn't have a page on here; unless it violates the Content Policy, it should always be linked) and add it.
10:15:04 PM Apr 2nd 2013
edited by Bobchillingworth
I'm awfully tempted to remove George R. R. Martin's entry- he isn't dead yet guys. Even heavyset men regularly live well past their mid-60's. There's no reason why there needs to be speculation here about his apparently imminent death. It's not just a T Vtropes problem; again and again on the internet you read people writing about the poor guy like he's dead & buried already. It's obnoxious and often insulting.
12:01:12 PM Aug 15th 2012
This page needs a lot of cleanup. Most of the Film examples are actually The Character Died with Him
12:59:16 AM Jan 28th 2013
And a lot of the Western Animation ones as well.
12:51:49 PM Apr 10th 2012
I think the monty pothone and the holy grail quote, "just then the animated suffered a heart attack" fits this trope, what you think?
05:01:54 PM Apr 12th 2012
Already there, see the third example under the "Film" folder.
12:04:28 AM Aug 6th 2011
edited by ElleWednesday
Why aren't examples of actors allowed? There are examples that left the character "orphened" the same way a book without an author is- ie: John Ritter's death while he was on 8 Simple Rules, which forced the show to Re Tool, or the planned Angel plotlines that had to been rewritten/dropped after Glenn Quinn died and his character could no longer be brought back. Not allowing actors also contradicts this sentence from the trope's body: "This can also happen with individuals who play a major role in creating a group work; for instance, actors or directors.", and the fact that "Actor Existence Failure" is a redirect.

Should we have a seperate trope for actors?
07:36:49 AM Mar 23rd 2012
09:46:55 AM Sep 13th 2010
thank you to whomever did the post on Danielle Bunten, the creator of MULE. Most of the things I have read about her work have finished with "OMG, he's a tranny!"

As a friend of more than one transsexual I have to say thanks for getting it right.

04:04:09 AM Jul 12th 2010
John Paul Larkin, aka Scatman John sadly died of lung cancer in his Los Angeles home on December 3rd 1999.

This needs more information added to fit this trope
06:35:53 PM Feb 28th 2016
edited by DonM435
I'd suggest that writers avoid constructions like "Joe Blow wrote this before his death." 've read that more times than I care to.

Well, *of course* he wrote it before he died! So far as we know, nobody's managed to write anything remotely useful *after* dying!

Now, if you feel it's noteworthy that it was, perhaps, the author's last work, then say "... wrote this just days before his untimely death."

In a related sense, sometimes "The late John Smith" shows up in a discussion involving some very old film for which practically everybody involved is deceased. Most likely, this fellow expired while the project was still in progress, but I think that fact should be recorded more explicitly if it's significant.
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