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07:31:48 PM Jan 19th 2013
edited by nemui10pm
I commented out this entry:

This is a Zero-Context Example which does not explain how the advantage rule fits under That One Rule. If you are familiar with the rule, please expand the entry before restoring it.

Edit: Right after posting this, I visited That One Rule and saw that the corresponding entry has been expanded. I'll just copy the entry from that article here.
02:04:29 AM Dec 3rd 2012
To be fair, Port Adelaide were a team that moved from the SANFL to the AFL. They had the Magpie logo before Collingwood (both stole it from the South Australian state football team, which had it first!). This means Port Adelaide were formed in the 1890s some time.

North Melbourne are actually the subject of quite a bit of derision because of the actions of former captain Wayne Carey.

The Adelaide Crows are either loved or loathed in Adelaide. Those who love them, though, are fair weather supporters - if the Crows are down at three quarter time, most of the supporters leave. Those who hate them fall into 3 camps - Port Supporters (both of them), those who supported other teams before the Crows were invented, and those who blame the Crows for the demise of the SANFL, once as powerful as the VFL/AFL.

The steretypical Aussie Rules game of violence is still seen in the amateurs, SANFL and WAFL. The VFL/VFA is pretty much an AFL-lite competition.

And Aussie Rules supporters are as statistic fanatical as the typical baseball supporter in the USA.
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