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07:24:45 AM Feb 22nd 2016
This page is in serious need of sorting, maybe by genre. (I can't do it myself since I'm not familiar with most genres here.) Maybe even split into "participation is encouraged" and "crowd took over by force" as Annachie says below?
12:22:50 AM Oct 8th 2015
Can I just say that 90% or so of the examples are not crowd participation, but just the crowd singing along.

From the Beetles pretending to play because they couldn't hear themselves, to Jimy barnes standing at the front of the stage chugging a bottle of vodka and holding out the microphone because he was so drunk he forgot the words.

Audience participation, in my opinion, is when the crowd has their own part to play. Either by design, Minnie the Moocher by Cab Calloway, or because the fanbase came up with it, ala Am I ever going to see your face again.

Not just the crowd singing the song as it would normally be done.
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