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02:10:53 PM Mar 7th 2017
Would the re-enaction of the Passion of the Christ in Catholic churches count? In many cases the congregation plays the part of the crowd pushing for the crucifixion, but I didn't see a section for religion.
04:22:16 PM Nov 1st 2013
A few years back, I added a call back to the stage production of Rocky Horror Show. When Frank calls out how he discovered the way to revive dead body parts, I yelled "Viagra!"

Not sure if it was done before.
05:47:19 PM Mar 8th 2013
This must be considered omnipresent in video games, as the player always has some control over the game. Am I misunderstanding this trope?
01:20:05 PM May 1st 2012
Bruce Forsyth, anyone?

I'm surprised he's not listed here. I mean, in pretty much *any* show he does (biggest example is "The Generation Game", but also "Play Your Cards Right", etc. etc.), his audience participation follows him around. Should he be listed (under Live Action TV)?
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