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12:36:33 AM Oct 5th 2013
Okay, there seems to be some confusion over the difference of ADD and ADHD. The H in ADHD stands for hyperactivity. I.e., a person with ADD is easily distracted, someone with ADHD is easily distracted and bounces off the walls.
10:09:00 PM Sep 24th 2013
I recently thought up a good comparison to explain what having ADD is like to a non-patient. I mean, at least what *my* particular strain is like, and just the mental wandering part, but still.

It's like your brain is this computer/radio combo, and every two to ten seconds it takes the last few bars or words of whatever was just on and—in an instant—searches for anything close to the sample. Anything and everything is included in the search parameters- music, conversations, abstract quantum theory, you name it. When it finds a match, it switches over seamlessly to the first matching entry it finds, starting at the point where the similarity exists. Lather, rinse, and repeat ad nauseum.

It might sound like it's incredibly annoying or random to someone who doesn't experience it, but what they sometimes find hard to see is that in the list of items the mind can fly by, no matter how disparate, there is always a common thread throughout the entire thing.

Sorry about the soapboxing there, I just needed to get that out of my system and this seemed like a good spot.
05:45:01 AM Nov 26th 2012
I think there are an awful lot of examples on this page which are something of a square peg in a round hole. The trope is SUPPOSED to be about exaggerated or oversimplified cases of ADHD in the media (i.e. the character who can't sit still and gets distracted by pretty things), but many of the examples seem to be honest portrayals of ADHD. This is especially true of cases where the character is demonstrating things like hyperfocusing or social differences which tend to be ignored or unknown as aspects of ADHD. This trope needs to be either about the over-simplistic and false representations of people with ADHD as being nothing but fidgety and distractible, or it needs to be about depictions of concepts related to ADHD in the media, but NOT both.
07:34:03 AM May 21st 2013
Agreed. The Real Life section is basically just a list of celebrities with ADHD.
12:15:17 PM Jun 4th 2012
I'm not sure this image fits. I mean, if anybody heard their name called, they'd look, right?
01:08:00 PM Jun 4th 2012
I think that for most people, if their name was called they might respond verbally or look around, but they wouldn't let someone fall on the floor and not even notice.
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