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04:39:31 PM Mar 5th 2012

Cute Shotaro Boy has been renamed to Adorably Precocious Child. Please double-check the description before re-adding.
08:51:12 AM Feb 4th 2011
Hey guys, Eniliad here, just thought I'd mention I found a ton of stuff to add to the entry on this page. I'm a fan of the game, and a fan of TV tropes, so as I cruise around the site, jumping from random article to article, if I find something that applies to AO I'll stick it on this page. I've also taken the liberty of cleaning up the page a bit for grammar, as well as extrapolating on a few examples. (Before anyone asks: no, I'm not obsessed... I'm just bored during the day sometimes) ;)
04:38:49 AM Sep 19th 2012
edited by ZorotheGallade
Hey, how about making a character sheet? There are lots of tropes that apply only to one or two mercenaries, like the Token Mini-Moe to the Witch, the Femme Fatale to the Vampire, Token Evil Teammate to the Puppeteer and so on and so forth.
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